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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 2.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 2.6
Graphics The visual quality of the game 2.6
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 2.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 2.0
Overall User Score (5 votes) 2.6

Critic Reviews

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Game Over Online (May 30, 2003)
Despite its myriad problems, Empire of Magic still provides some fun. When a bug stopped me from finishing the campaign, I decided I liked the game enough to wait for a patch to come out, rather than stop early and write a review about the part of the game I’d already seen. (And note: for some games I’d be thrilled to encounter a bug that would shorten my playing time.) So I’d recommend Empire of Magic provisionally, and note that you might be better off waiting for a third patch, and that you should buy the game locally just in case it doesn’t work for you or causes too much aggravation, so that it’s easier to return.
69 (May 22, 2003)
Empire of Magic is a fun and challenging game. Having the action points as a main constituent of the game really makes you think before you move around the map or engage in a battle. EOM is addictive, as I played it for ten hours straight before stopping to eat. The part of the game I like best is the actual strategy involved. EOM is a good break from all the RTS games that are out. I would recommend Empire of Magic to anyone who likes Disciples 2, Age of Wonder, or the Heroes of Might and Magic series.
Unfortunately, Empire of Magic doesn’t borrow or steal from other RPGs. The combat model, a mere game of checkers compared with Heroes of Might arid Magic’s chess, unfairly carries over action points into battle. A long walk-up to an enemy encounter will leave friendly units with no action points, which makes for repeated failure and ultimately a slow, crawling pace. Compounding this flaw is the lack of a constant flow of rewards and incentives to keep gamers excited. Patient and tolerant garners might feel rewarded with Empire of Magic, After all, it’s not so bad to slow down every once in a while.
GameZone (Jun 07, 2003)
Empires of Magic has a solid look but seems caught between what it hoped to be and what it is. This game is overworked and that hampers what might have been a solid turn-based strategy experience. Is this game an RPG title? Not really, but it does have a solid grasp of the turn-based fundamentals. Some of the individual aspects of the game need to be reworked simply because they seem forced. The game strives to attain a lofty place, but comes up a little short.
Just RPG (Jul 24, 2003)
I try to see the good in every game that I review but it was very difficult trying to see any of this in Empire of Magic. This game could have been much better if Mayhem Studios had looked at how other developers had been successful with their turn-based strategy role-playing games and tried to use them as a model of where to begin. Turn-based strategy role-playing games such as Heroes of Might and Magic and Age of Wonders are classic examples of the right way to make these types of games. Empire of Magic suffers from trying to be so many different things that it never manages to be successful in any of them.
IGN (Jun 16, 2003)
I have to marvel on a regular basis why so many struggling computer game developers spend time, money and effort churning out inferior clones of popular products. The products we seek out, play and remember fondly are the products that have a character all their own. Empire of Magic borrows so much of its character from Disciples that if it had succeeded, the winner would have been Disciples. But it doesn't succeed. Sections of the game, like the starkly empty town menus, feel like they never were completed. Others, such as the combat system or the application of movement points on local maps, convey the impression of creative impasses that were abandoned. There's precious little fun to mine in Empire of Magic, and no reason in my opinion to go through the effort.
GameSpot (May 20, 2003)
Empire of Magic appears to be yet another game in the long line of descendents of King's Bounty, the classic New World Computing game that helped create the fantasy turn-based strategy genre. It's a genre that has produced some great games, including the Heroes of Might and Magic series, the Age of Wonders series, and the Disciples series. Unfortunately, while Empire of Magic resembles these games on the surface, and it too features hero units who travel with support units, as well as towns where you can hire more units, it is entirely different from those other games.
45 (Apr 20, 2006)
Dans un monde médiéval fantastique, un méchant nécromant fait peur à tout le monde. Heureusement, un gentil sorcier va tenter de lui jouer un mauvais tour. Un jeu de stratégie aux relents de jeu de rôle mais souffrant toutefois de quelques défauts...
Empire of Magic is a struggle to play. There are many good elements that never coalesce into anything that can surmount its downfalls. The unnecessarily tedious unit movement coupled with the debilitating difficulty level of many battles leaves this title stranded with too many moments of frustration for the average user. Empire of Magic can only be recommended to players that have a nostalgic bend for turn-based games and aren’t easily frustrated.
40 (Jul 15, 2003)
Empire Of Magic partait sur de bonnes bases mais le jeu ne parvient jamais à décoller, la faute à un système de jeu complètement raté, poussif et ennuyeux à mourir. L'aventure en elle-même bénéficie d'une réalisation passable mais une fois encore il faudra vous accrocher pour voir ce que le jeu a à vous proposer tant le rythme de Empire Of Magic est lent, lent, lent...
PC Games (Germany) (Nov 15, 2003)
Da das Spiel ausschließlich im Rundenmodus abläuft, brauchen Sie eine kleine Ewigkeit, um zur nächsten Quest zu gelangen. Außerdem gilt Ihr Vorrat an Aktionspunkten sowohl für Landgänge als auch für den Kampf. Falls sich Ihre Mannen also zu weit bewegen, können sie sich im Angriffsfall nicht verteidigen und segnen binnen Sekunden das Zeitliche.
20 (Dec 28, 2003)
„Empire of Murks“ wäre ein viel treffenderer Titel für das rasch öde werdende, rundenbasierte Fantasy-Strategiespiel, dessen Sündenregister ellenlang ist. Den Todesstoß bekommt es aber eindeutig vom missratenen Einsatz der Aktionspunkte, den öden und immer gleichen Quests und der elend lang dauernden Bewegung der Einheiten versetzt. Das krude Fantasy-Strategiespiel von Mayhem ist daher lediglich ein heißer Anwärter auf den Titel „Gurke der Jahres 2003“. Es stellt sich also die berechtigte Frage, warum ein einigermaßen vernünftiger Mensch sich ein derart mieses Spiel kaufen soll, wenn es zuhauf weit bessere Alternativen wie Heroes of Might & Magic 4, Age of Wonders oder Disciples gibt. Auch der vergleichsweise günstige Preis ist so nur noch ein schwaches Kaufargument.
GameSpy (Jun 27, 2003)
Most games, if you play them for a while, tend to grow on you a bit. You start to like the game a little (or even a lot) more than your first impressions led you to believe you would. Empire of Magic is not one of those games. If you're looking for good fantasy turn-based strategy, Empire of Magic is not the title for you. It's poorly designed, poorly executed, and downright frustrating to play.
GameStar (Germany) (Nov, 2003)
Ein dunkler Nekromant bedroht in Empire of Magic das Königreich. Also ziehen Sie rundenbasiert Soldaten über eine hässliche Karte. Und fechten bei Monster-Begegungen langweilige Taktikkämpfe aus, die sich auf das Erteilen von Angriffsbefehlen beschränken. Das hat schon der erste Teil von Heroes of Might & Magic schöner und spannender hingekriegt. Nicht kaufen!
Game Revolution (Jun 01, 2003)
Normally, I love my job. Hell, I get to play video games and write about them and call it work. But in this case it really was work. Playing Empire of Magic was something I really didn't want to do, and that might be the worst thing you could say about a game. Let me put it another way: as soon as I'm done writing this, I'm hitting the uninstall button. Trust me, learn to fiddle like Nero and let this Empire burn.
Withingames (Nov 16, 2003)
Empire of Magic kann wirklich in keinem Punkt überzeugen. Auch in einem Genre, wo die Konkurrenz eigentlich verschwindend gering ist, setzt sich das Spiel meiner Meinung nach weit abgeschlagen an die letzte Position. Als eigentlich Fan von Fantasy-Rundenstrategiespielen hatte ich mir sehr viel von EoM erhofft und bin einmal mehr grob enttäuscht worden. Irgendwie macht das Spiel auf mich einen halbfertigen Eindruck, den die nur rudimentäre Akustik noch fördert. Wer HoMM nicht mehr sehen kann und auch die letzten Disciples 2 Add-Ons alle schon durch hat, der kann ruhigen Gewissens einen Blick wagen. Allen anderen Spielern rate ich dringen vom Kauf dieses Titels ab, auch wenn er mit knapp 30 Euro vielleicht günstiger ist, als vergleichbare Spiele.