Empires: Dawn of the Modern World Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The Main Menu
The Options Screen
The different map types in the game
The screen for Richard The Lionheart campaigns
The Korean campaign
General Patton campaign
Not one step backwards!
The Russain KV8 Flame Tank will make short work of pillboxes.
Katyusha Barrage
British Base, North Africa
British Forces cross the desert.
A German mortar crew gets overrun.
SAS clears the way. These elite troops have special abilities.
Caught in a deadly street crossfire.
This Tiger tank is a powerhouse.
WW I - U.S. Troops charge No Man's Land.
This is an example of a user-made custom campaign screen.
You can even play as WWII French Soldiers.
Prince Richard faces off against the treacherous Count in a 1 against 3 battle at the end of campaign 1. unfair fight..
Upon his travels, Richard comes across Drew the Thief... Guess what he does for a living!
A couple of enemies chatting.
That was uncalled for...
Game engine allows for some neat looking visuals in this RTS - check the hooves marks and water reflections.