Enclave Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Campaign select. light or dark
A great way to introduce our first hero. Lying face down passed out.
Your fellow prisoner isn't too fond of you.
Finally the adventure begins.
Hacking and slashing at a goblin. It looks like I might've hurt his eye!
Here's when you begin to get sad that this isn't a role playing game.
Mission bonuses collected.
Here's where it shows you the weapons or armor you've collected and are available for your use in future missions.
World map. If you go the dark route you will have different checkpoints but some will overlap.
Taking aim with a crossbow.
I love firing cannons!
You will eventually unlock other playable characters.
Cut scenes are in-game
Character select screen
In this mission you have to assist that man through the town collecting his valuables.
A serene scenery. More roleplaying game wishful thinking.
Although not overly detailed, there are still little sceneries to be found.
Taking a break. Actually drinking a health potion.
A fancy checkpoint marker
You must go inside the abandoned monastery.
This light heals you.
Seconds before the floor behind me opened and killed me. The game does that sometimes. Yes, it's as annoying as it sounds.
Here's where you arm your characters. There seems to be a design fascination with breastplates with piercing nipples.
Now where did I put that grappling hook...
Note to self. Don't fall in there.
The wizard character hides from some agile enemies.
Walking along a boat in one of the quietest missions in the game.
Walking down to the docks. You can play the game in first person only if you want but it somehow doesn't feel right.
This contraption is actually an elevator that will bring you to the underwater mines.
You can even go swimming!
That guy looks like he needs out help. There are occasionally puzzles to be completed.
Another beautiful house. I know it's spooky but it's pretty awesome.
You must traverse up the side of this platform level.
Now you get to play as a bad guy. It's true what they say, it's much more fun!
The dark side teleports out of levels in style.
The dark side gets its own cut-scenes and missions. Occasionally you'll get to be the adversaries in missions you've completed as a light side.
Forest in the fall.
Shooting green blobs of magic at the hypothetical peasants in the house.
Impressive sense of scale.