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Endless Ages Credits

28 people

Endless Ages Game Credits

Endless Ages designed byAaron Boucher, Justin Gonzalez, Daniel Vasallo, Davis Beasley
ProducerAaron Boucher
Associate ProducerJustin Gonzalez
Assistant ProducerDaniel Vasallo
Executive ProducerJohn Boucher
Lead ProgrammerAaron Boucher
Lead ArtistDaniel Vasallo
ArtistsDavis Beasley
Additional ArtistAlex Fernandez, John Caminiti, Ronald Randall, Matthew Krick
Lead Level DesignJustin Gonzalez
Additional Level DesignJody Hicks
Primary Music DesignSound Guild
Secondary Music DesignJames Joseph
Sound EffectsJustin Gonzalez
Map InsertAaron Boucher, Justin Gonzalez
Manual ArtDavis Beasley, Daniel Vasallo
Game Manual DesignJustin Gonzalez, Jonathan Ball, Scott Sanders, Ted Gonzalez
Game WritingDaniel Vasallo, Michael Margo
Box Cover IllustrationPatrick Vogtli
Box DesignJustin Kozisek, Justin Gonzalez
Internet Relations ManagerJustin Gonzalez
Primary ISP / Server SupportJai Aggarwai
Lead Game MastersAaron Boucher, Justin Gonzalez, Daniel Vasallo
Elder Game MastersAdam Spenhoff, William Kimble, Armond Sylvester, Justin Thompson, Derik Porvaznik
Additional SupportEric Petersen, Scott Blake, Charles Richardson, Scot Morgan

Avaria Corporation

PresidentAaron Boucher
Vice PresidentJustin Gonzalez
Chief Technical OfficerAaron Boucher
Company LiasonJustin Gonzalez
Public Relations DirectorJustin Gonzalez
Public Relations AssistantAaron Boucher

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