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GameZone (Feb 21, 2003)
The jerky third-person graphics and sound breakup were a bit disappointing, but Endless Ages does offer interesting and new twists on the MMO world by combining the basics of several genres. The game does not seem to have an abundance of servers but is affordable and fun.
PC Gamer (2003)
Nevertheless, this game is really solid stuff from a three-man development team. Try it if you’re bored with the status quo in massively multiplayer games. At just $10/month, it’s the one I’ll be playing.
Just RPG (2003)
This game will last you a long time. You will have to spend hours leveling up just so that you will not be killed by Flobs and the other creatures who all look the same except for colors, until you find out that you just attacked the wrong one. If you don’t mind hunting down beasties and spending a good portion of your evening trying to blow them up without them reaching you, you have found your game. However, if you want something deep and absorbing, that will keep you happily immersed and guessing, you have the wrong game. $39.99 is a hefty price, and with the $9.95 a month fee for playing, “Endless Ages” does not offer enough to keep me interested and paying. The web site does offer a five-day trial subscription. If you like what you see, you can open up a real account and keep the character that you created. As for me, my Uzi bikini girl will have to face the afterlife without me, I’ve had my share of Flobs.
Overall, Endless Ages is an entertaining ride. It you like massively multiplayer games or shooters, you should really give this one a look. It’s idiosyncratic but exciting in a way games like EverQuest aren’t, and it’s getting better. The developers regularly play the game and actively solicit suggestions, many of which are being implemented in an expansion due out later this year. If you play one MMORTFPSRPG this year, make it Endless Ages...you’ll probably have to.
The company is very small and full of ideas and we have certainly seen worse games that came from development crews 10 times the size of Avaria with a lot more experience under their belts. With the right addition of talent in some key areas, this company seems capable of bringing a mega hit onto the scene, but Endless Ages won't be that hit. Stretching the imagination and delving into some virgin territory for the MMOG market, Avaria's Endless Ages offers up a plate of new character types, travel modes and colorful scenery in a first person shooter MMOG, but sometimes being unique isn't enough.
Worth Playing (Aug 12, 2003)
I think the game could be more fun if there were more people playing it, but lets just say I can count on one hand the number of "real people" I ran into while playing this game. The game boasts communities and clans, and had the execution been better I think it would attract more people to play, enriching the game world. In the end, its a great concept that was poorly executed. While Endless Ages can stand tall being the first massive multiplayer online real-tim first person shooter game [we really need a new name for that] its not enough to recommend a purchase.
IGN (Jul 16, 2003)
The game was a good concept, one that caught my attention right away, unfortunately it was poorly executed. The game controls left a lot to be desired, and while fully customizable, the interaction with NPCs and lootable corpses is far too discouraging. On the plus side is the fresh scent of some bit of originality, something that sometimes seems hard to come by in the video game industry. With any luck games like this and PlanetSide have proven new ground for which future developers to cultivate and improve upon. I would definitely give a sequel a chance, not a simple expansion, but a second game altogether, to fix things up, put in some new graphics, and make a better presented experience. But for the time being, don't bother.
Endless Ages isn’t a bad game to have on one’s resume; it certainly proves that a small development team can indeed create a massively multiplayer product. Why anyone would want to play it is another question entirely, however. Between the initial cost of purchase and the monthly fee, such a release needs to be able to compete with the industry giants to remain viable. Sadly, Endless Ages does not. It is neither a compelling first-person shooter, nor a worthy role-playing experience, failing on both fronts. If priced at a point that reflected its severe lack of polish and comparatively less content, it might serve as a viable alternative to other titles in the genre, rather than a very underwhelming competitor.

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