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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.6
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 4.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.3
Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.5

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Hooked Gamers (Jul 04, 2012)
My heart kept thumping in loud excitement during my first hours of playing Endless Space. I loved Sins of a Solar Empire, but it was real-time. Endless Space is turn-based and very close to Master of Orion, the yet unsurpassed granddaddy of space-themed 4X strategy games. There hasn’t been any game like this for years, at least not of this quality, not with this intricate depth and not with this level of polish and the small niggles I listed previously do not detract from that in any way. Endless Space is a glorious return to form for a much beleaguered genre that was given up by many for not being ‘modern enough’. Does it displace MOO? It doesn’t, but boy does it ever come close.
Absolute Games ( (Jul 17, 2012)
Умом я понимаю, что Endless Space не идеальна. Но вид настолько гармоничной космической стратегии все равно завораживает.
Gry OnLine (Jul 14, 2012)
Osiem ras, cztery filary rozgrywki i jedna galaktyka w niemal nieskończonej liczbie konfiguracji. To tylko przystawka do prawdziwej uczty zaserwowanej przez Amplitude Studios w Endless Space.
CPU Gamer (Aug 20, 2012)
While I do have my share of problems with the game, this is still an incredible time-sucker. I guess I like it so much because it really has been that long since a game in this genre has actually been playable. Endless Space is more than just playable and worth every penny for anyone that likes 4x games. It’ll be on my computer and actively played for a long time to come.
Game Revolution (Jul 05, 2012)
I could honestly write a thousand words more on what makes Endless Space so much more addicting and absorbing than the bulk of its contemporaries. Visually, it's detailed and opulent where it needs to be, yet simple and clean everywhere else. It makes its voluminous level of complexity accessible with a terrific interface which affords a pace and ease of management that few other games in the genre can match. But I'm not going to write those thousand more words, folks. I've got a galaxy that's waiting to be conquered, one more time.
MMGN (Jul 05, 2012)
In all sincerity, I love Endless Space. It’s one of the best 4X games I’ve played in a long time, doing just about everything that is important to the genre correctly, while providing their own taste of things. I’m an egotistical, narcissistic person, and providing an outlet to this in the form of complete and utter domination of my foes via treachery or sheer firepower is just a satisfying experience that I cannot highly recommend enough.
Factornews (Jul 17, 2012)
Au cas où ce ne serait toujours pas clair : foncez. Vous êtes des gros énervés du genre ? Achetez. Vous êtes plutôt novices et les 4X vous ont toujours fait un peu peur ? Achetez. Surtout vous. Oui, car la plus grande réussite de ce Endless Space réside bien dans le fait d'avoir permis aux plus réfractaires au genre d'y trouver enfin leur compte tant le travail sur la forme est exemplaire, et ce sans jamais dénaturer le fond. C'est une bien belle leçon et il serait dommage de s'en priver, surtout au petit prix auquel le jeu est proposé.
Level (Aug 21, 2012)
Endless Space impresionează la toate nivelurile prin abordarea originală a unui gen care nu părea să mai aibă nimic nou de adus.
JeuxActu (Jul 24, 2012)
Les défauts d’Endless Space sont finalement peu nombreux et aucun n’a assez d’importance pour gâcher l’expérience de jeu proposée. Des combats qu’on regrette de voir moins spectaculaires, quelques ajustements nécessaires au niveau de l’évolution technologique et de l’IA par exemple, un moteur qu’on aurait voulu peut-être moins gourmand : tout ça n’est finalement que peu de choses comparé aux longues nuits que vous allez passer à gérer votre empire galactique. Et à seulement trente euros, il serait dommage de s’en priver. Fin de tour.
Endless Space is a tribute to intelligent design and meticulous polish, offering endless hours of micro management goodness on all fronts. Whether you are duking it out against an accomplished AI in the games single player or vying for cultural dominance online, this 4X turn based wonder accommodates all levels of experience and play styles, providing countless sessions of entertainment for newbies and pros alike.
3D Juegos (Jul 12, 2012)
Fantástica demostración de que el género de la estrategia por turnos sigue pasando por un gran momento a pesar de que sus lanzamientos no se prodiguen. Endless Space es tan profundo como sugiere su título, y también se trata de un producto de calidad que nos deparará incontables horas de entretenimiento siempre que dominemos el inglés.
PC Gamer (Sep 08, 2012)
This has the foundations of a great game, and judging by the devs’ willingness to incorporate community suggestions, it will get even better. If you’re all about space battles, it doesn’t quite deliver. But anyone who’s a fan of backroom deals, the exploitation of natural resources, and the crushing of all who defy you, will find Endless Space is their kind of universe.
Cheat Code Central (Aug 07, 2012)
In general, it was a pleasure just to watch my empire grow, even if it wasn't doing so in an effective manner, and I think that's what counts.
GameStar (Germany) (Jul 10, 2012)
Endless Space ist (noch) nicht perfekt, aber auf dem Weg dahin bereits ein gutes Stück vorangekommen. Für ein Erstlingswerk ist das Spiel erstaunlich komplex, fordernd und motivierend. Außerdem hat es sich als überraschend Bug-frei erwiesen, was so kurz nach dem Release heutzutage (leider!) keine Selbstverständlichkeit ist. Wem die Echtzeit-Komponente bei Sins of a Solar Empire zu stressig ist und wer auf ein ausgefeiltes Kampfsystem nicht allzu viel Wert legt, sollte sich Endless Space in jedem Fall anschauen. Für einen günstigen Preis gibt es hier zig Stunden Weltraum-Spielspaß. Und wem das nicht reicht, der kann sich gerne bei den Entwicklern melden und an der Weiterentwicklung mitfeilen. Das Spiel hat es verdient.
Games Finder (Jul 17, 2014)
This RPG style hero system is very unique to Endless Space and is rarely incorporated into turn based strategy games. The game also offers modding tools that allow you to add to or change a variety of game aspects and materials.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Aug 31, 2012)
Endless Space biedt alles wat je van een 4X-game verwacht, en dit in gestroomlijnde vorm, wat zowel een voordeel als nadeel kan zijn. Kortom, een erg goede en degelijke game.
80 (Aug 07, 2012)
Alt i alt er Endless Space en svært solid tittel som raskt har blitt en personlig favoritt i sjangeren, og utviklerne lover dessuten at de vil fortsette å jobbe med spillet i lang tid fremover. Liker du gode strategispill er dette et spill du bør prøve.
Calm Down Tom (Sep 25, 2012)
Amplitude have made a solid, modern 4X space strategy game. The chances are that if you know and love games like Civ and Masters of Orion then this is a game for you. It’s a modern interpretation and as such has some pretty visuals and is well polished, but the core gameplay is very similar to those classics. These games are divisive, some love them while others just can’t get into them. I admit that I fall into the latter camp, but I still had fun with this. Crucially, I know that this is a game that some will lose hours, days, weeks and months too, while others will go further and this game will be the only thing they will ever play.
Players choose one of several alien species or human factions (you can also create your own), then start off on a home planet in a huge galaxy with an aim to explore the universe, expand borders by colonizing new worlds, exploit resources, and, if necessary, exterminate opposing species. Each turn allows players to select new projects for all of the planets and ships under their control, using new technologies to grow their output of industry and science and become more efficient, all while attempting to keep a happy population. Players can work toward many different kinds of victories, ranging from conquest to technological supremacy. This game is unusual in that it was and continues to be designed with input from its community. Players have the opportunity to view all of the game's design materials, make suggestions in public forums, and take part in votes that affect aspects of the game, from visual aesthetic to nitty-gritty decisions regarding rules.
80 (Jul 17, 2012)
Endless Space propose un gameplay proche d'un jeu de plateau où il ne fait pas bon flâner. La conquête se fait avec un but en tête (économique, diplomatique, militaire, scientifique...) Les fans de gestion seront aux anges pour optimiser la voie vers le succès. Côté stratégie en revanche, il faut s'attendre à être assez passif : les ordres que vous donnerez auront tout de même un sacré impact sur les combats. Le contenu est assez conséquent, mais on attend encore plus de la part d'Amplitude Studio. Surtout, il faut revoir l'IA en solo, et enrichir les options du multijoueur. Et là l'espace infini deviendra très confortable...
80 (Jul 23, 2012)
Endless Space si è rivelato essere un ottimo strategico a turni, appartenente alla particolare tipologia denominata 4X. Grazie ad un'interfaccia accattivante quanto funzionale, ad un elevato grado di personalizzazione e a meccaniche ben calibrate, il titolo incolla allo schermo compensando alcune lacune che speriamo di vedere in futuro risolte con aggiornamenti o un eventuale seguito. In particolare spiace per le fasi di combattimento, molto promettenti, alla lunga risultino semplici e poco approfondite. L'intelligenza artificiale allo stesso tempo non brilla, ma in questo caso potremo approfittare della componente multiplayer, ovviando a certe mancanze. Un titolo consigliato, in particolar modo ai novizi che grazie ad un approccio semplice ed intuitivo potrebbero scoprire un genere intrigante, ad un prezzo davvero conveniente.
GameSpot (Jul 10, 2012)
4X strategy games have the ability to captivate you with engrossing depth, requiring forward thinking and an extreme aptitude for juggling numbers large and small. With all of these qualities, Endless Space takes its rightful place on the 4X podium. The numerous options available during game creation are outnumbered only by the possibilities within an individual match. By the time you've got a few turns under your belt, it becomes painfully obvious that Endless Space is anything but a walk in the park, and if you are a fan of deep, methodical strategy games, you'll be thankful for it.
The Escapist (Jul 17, 2012)
Endless Space smooths over a lot of the issues typical to 4x space, but it also bulldozes perhaps a bit much in the combat.
Veterans of this game type will rightly nit-pick at aspects of the combat, lack of espionage diplomacy options (this one does hurt a bit) and certain AI behaviours, but there should be no argument that Endless Space is one of the best 4X titles to appear for a good long while. It hasn’t quite delivered the incredible potential it offers; but it’s tantalizingly close.
IGN (Jul 06, 2012)
Endless Space is smart, polished and intelligent game of countless permutations. Its strength lies in how carefully and how cleverly it's balanced, as well as how it rewards all kinds of playing styles. We haven't seen a strategy game quite like this in a while.
80 (Jul 10, 2012)
A la fois particulièrement riche et très généreux en contenu, Endless Space s'inscrit sans mal parmi les références du 4X aux côtés des Galactic Civilizations ou autres Sins of a Solar Empire. Seuls des combats hasardeux et peu stratégiques font tâche mais au final, nous ne pouvons que conseiller aux fans comme aux néophytes de tenter l'expérience.
Game Watcher (Jul 23, 2012)
Endless Space may not push any boundaries or possess much ‘wow’ factor, but it’s a very enjoyable 4X strategy game, set in a rich and diverse science-fiction universe that begs exploration. It’s no Sword of the Stars II, but then Sword of the Stars II is no Sword of the Stars II either. Given the choice, we’d rather have a more limited, but realistic game then be promised the moon and only get given a cardboard cut-out instead. From here, the folks at Amplitude have given themselves a great framework from which to expand and improve on the base game, and like we said during the preview we hope the numbers are good enough to fund all their future endeavours.
79 (Aug 22, 2012)
Ultimately, Endless Space can be a fun experience, even though I disliked the superficial combat mechanics and the skinny tech-tree. Yet the game’s biggest problem is the low replay value, with each game being eerily similar to the previous one, which is not a very bright point for a 4x strategy. I do hope the producers will add some spice to the mix in the coming updates, because the game looks good, sounds even better, lacks bugs and the overall package has great potential.
PC Games (Germany) (Jul, 2012)
Ich habe Endless Space seit der Alpha-Version intensiv gespielt und dabei zahllose Stunden Schlaf eingebüßt - das „Nur noch eine Runde“-Prinzip greift bei mir mit voller Wucht. Besonders die zunehmende Komplexität beim Wirtschaften, Forschen und Siedeln gefällt mir gut — zu Beginn einer Partie ist alles noch schön übersichtlich, doch je weiter man kommt, desto kniffliger wird‘s. Dass die Kämpfe aber so öde ausfallen, überrascht mich - man hätte sicher ein cooles, spannendes Taktik-Kartenspiel implementieren können, doch in seiner jetzigen Form hat das schlichte Kampfsystem keinen Biss. Auch das schicke Interface könnte mehr Arbeit vertragen, vor allem ein komfortabler Flottenmanager auf der Sternenkarte wäre mir willkommen. Alles in allem ist Endless Space (noch) keine Konkurrenz für Ascendancy & Co. aber es ist auf einem guten Weg dorthin.
77 (Jul 30, 2012)
Es gibt einen Punkt, an dem sich das unterhaltsame Kleinklein der Planetenverwaltung in ein gleichförmiges Grenzverschieben wandelt: Runde um Runde zieht man dann riesige Flotten über die Grenze, während man eroberten Systemen wie nebenbei wichtige Verbesserungen verpasst. In diesen Momenten offenbart Endless Space seine größten Stärken und Schwächen: Mit wenigen Klicks verwalte ich ein ganzes Imperium! Sie führt eng verwobene Zusammenhänge zwischen Ressourcen, Verwaltung und Expansion übersichtlich zusammen und lässt mich spielend Einfluss nehmen. Der Nachteil: Es fehlen interessante Kleinigkeiten, wenn man lediglich globale Verbesserungen entwickelt oder allgemeine Module verbaut - in der Tiefe fehlt die Vielfalt eines Galactic Civilizations. Die starre Diplomatie sowie die taktisch oberflächlichen Gefechte schränken die kriegerische Expansion zusätzlich ein. Gewieften Strategen fehlt hinter der überraschend guten Oberfläche deshalb das entscheidende Bisschen Handlungsspielraum.
XGN (Jul 26, 2012)
Op het eerste gezicht zal dus niet iedereen aangetrokken worden om Endless Space te spelen, maar we raden toch iedereen aan om verder te kijken dan zijn neus lang is. Diep van binnen heeft het spel namelijk heel veel te bieden en zelden hebben wij een spel gespeeld dat zo verslavend is. Je bent heel snel geneigd om tegen jezelf te zeggen dat je nog één beurt doet alvorens je stopt, maar dan gebeurt er weer iets interessants en voordat je het weet ben je twintig beurten verder. De diplomatieke aspecten, het uitbreiden van je talent tree, de goede A.I. en natuurlijk de karakteristieke rassen maken van Endless Space een top titel. Het is alleen een beetje jammer van het eentonige vechtsysteem.
Destructoid (Jul 13, 2012)
Endless Space has a lot of potential and manages to differentiate itself from other similar games. Caution is advised, however, as it could do with a lot more balance and a hell of a lot more personality. The former is far more likely to be fixed than the latter.
Game Informer Magazine (Jul 17, 2012)
Endless Space is far from a disaster despite its bad AI and unfortunate micromanagement issues, with excellent online play making it one of the better multiplayer turn-based strategy games around. My decade-and-a-half wait for the space empire savior continues, though.
There is a lot you can do with Endless Space if you really want to dive deep into the management of the game. This makes for a really good strategy title with lots and lots of replay value. It's got a steep learning curve, but once you get to the top, you will find that you really do have control over a real empire, where millions will live or die based on your leadership. It takes a long time to reach that competency point, but for strategy gamers, it's worth the investment.
GamesRadar (Jul 19, 2012)
As a turn-based space sim, Endless Space is essentially preaching to the choir. Its pacing, minimal story and lack of ground-level interaction isn’t going to bring any new gamers to the fold (lightning-fingered StarCraft fans, stay far away). Luckily, the game gets big charm out of its aesthetics and what little writing it does have, and the core gameplay is balanced and nuanced. If you still have Alpha Centauri on your hard drive, or keep yourself up at night with “just one more turn” in Civilization V, prepare to lose some sleep with this pretty space sim.
70 (UK) (Jul 10, 2012)
4X strategy thrives in the long term, so it's a real shame that it's deep into the game that the minor flaws in Endless Space's mechanisms make themselves most keenly felt. Strategy fans shouldn't be too discouraged though. The foundations laid here certainly don't lack for depth or entertainment, and it's perfectly possible that a few tweaks and balances in the right places - either from the developer or the mod community - will elevate Endless Space into the genre great it deserves to be.
GameSpy (Jul 06, 2012)
Endless Space easily earns a strong recommendation to fans of this genre. But I also can't quite call it a great game, because it lacks the flavor that makes games like Alpha Centauri, Sins of a Solar Empire, or Civilization so great. I play those games get a sense of stories playing out behind the scenes, of personal relationships between me and other faction leaders. I get excited when a powerful new unit rolls off the assembly line, and I feel a bit of pride when an amazing new technology is unlocked. Endless Space doesn't inspire those feelings. It is functional, elegant, and vast universe, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of room for the imagination to go exploring.
Darkstation (Aug 07, 2012)
As long as you are quick to build up your empire, Endless Space can be one hell of a good time. The tough and unforgiving AI may get in the way of people who like to move at a slow pace and just build up your galaxies but the game does well to force you to learn new strategies and still manages to be fun. While this may not be entirely comparable to a well made Civilization game there is a layer of depth here that is worth learning. With as much match customization that there is in this game, anyone who loves a punishing experience or a simple challenge can set up a game that will work for them. It’s a nice framework and I look forward to any kind of expansion or follow up to this title. If you like turn based strategy games and want one that takes place in space then Endless Space can surely scratch that itch.
Splitkick (Sep 03, 2012)
For all of the beauty in its art and UI design, Endless Space is a game most people will bounce right off of. Put up with bad in-game documentation and your patience will be rewarded. Sort of. Space is sterile and the game injects only a small amount of life into it.
60 (Aug 02, 2012)
Na první pohled pěkná strategie, kterou táhne ke dnu několik designových rozhodnutí, jež by možná vykolejila i mezinárodní rychlík, natož rozum a trpělivost. Potenciál znovuhratelnosti se tu podivně snoubí s potenciálem nebetyčné frustrace z nerovné hry.