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Enemy Engaged: Apache/Havoc Credits


Design TeamKevin Bezant, Todd Gibbs, James Hobson, Dave Lomas, James Morris, Dave Proctor, Neil Roberts, Matthew Smith
VoicesPhilip Bretherton, Monica Buferd, Adam Longworth, Eric Meyers
MusicAlex Cable
Manual Writing/ScenariosNikolai Arturovich
Manual DesignHelen Morris
Sound EffectsMatinee Sound and Vision, Mahendra Sampath
Havoc PhotographsPatrick Allen
Beta TestersBernd Almstedt, Nigel Doyle, Steve Harper, Richard Hawley, Peter Jemmeson, Roddy Kearey, Frank Morissette, Mark Taylor
Special Thanks ToMatthew Alcock (Flt.Lt.), Dave Cleland, Tom Forsyth, Richard Huddy, Peter Wilkinson
Development ManagerMark Havens
SalesMatt Castle, Ezra Garside, Volker GrĂ¼nthaler, Adam Roberts, Mark Scriven
MarketingPaul Chapman, Sevgi Kirik, Alison Ryan, Terry Shuttleworth
US Product ManagerStephen Wickes
PRDawn Beasley, Kate Johns
ProductionAnthony J. Bond Jr.
Art DepartmentClare Brown, Paul Flewitt, Philip Goldfinch, Gary J. Lucken, Olga van Rosen
Quality AssuranceBoyce Bailey, Ben Jay, Alex Kyriacou, Ben Moss, Danny Rawles, Darren Thompson, Matthew Young
Customer ServicesDavid Goodyear
Customer SupportTristram Defries, Clare O'Gorman, Stephen Wickes

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