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Enigma: Rising Tide (Gold Edition) Credits

50 people

Tesseraction Games Inc.

ProducerKelly Asay
Assistant ProducerBlake Hutchins
WriterBlake Hutchins
Programming LeadShawn Eastley
MagicianShawn Eastley
Art LeadHoward Day
Lead DesignerAlex Jimenez
Artificial IntelligenceZachary Buenau, Tim Olson
Systems ImplementationTim Olson
FX LeadGreg Lancaster
Physics and IntegrationHarold Hersey
3D Modeling and TexturesMike McLafferty
Quality Assurance LeadMichael Smith
Musical ScoreTimothy Steven Clarke
Production AssistantDiane Jimenez
Intro & Cut ScenesHoward Day
3D Modeling and TexturingHoward Day, Sienna Chastain, Matthew Reynolds, Mark Brown, Mike McLafferty
2D & Shell ArtDavid Lauck, Sienna Chastain, Kelly Asay
Environmental ArtDavid Lauck, Greg Reinmuth, Nic Munroe
HUDDavid Lauck, Sienna Chastain, Matthew Reynolds
FXHoward Day
MiscDamon Mitchell, Greg Reinmuth
Engine IntegrationShawn Eastley
Game ArchitectureShawn Eastley
ScoringZachary Buenau, Tim Olson
Voice Command & ControlTim Olson
Aircraft TacticsTim Olson
PhysicsNic Munroe, Harold Hersey
Audio SystemsJennifer Smith, Tim Olson, Shawn Eastley
Security, Installation and PatcherShawn Eastley, Glen Wolfram, Kelly Asay
ToolsShawn Eastley, Nic Munroe, Kelly Asay
2D SystemsNic Munroe, Shawn Eastley, Tim Olson
Game DesignKelly Asay, Alex Jimenez
Enigma Alternate HistoryBlake Hutchins, Alex Jimenez, Jeff Herne, Kelly Asay
Campaign and Mission DesignKelly Asay, Alex Jimenez, Blake Hutchins, Andy Smith
Sound DesignAlex Jimenez
StoryBlake Hutchins
Quality AssuranceMichael Smith, Ian Spencer, Andrew Day, Steven Chastain, Tobin Greenleaf, Spencer Griffith
President & CEOKelly Asay
Vice PresidentBlake Hutchins
Secretary and TreasurerDiane Jimenez
Information Technology SystemsMatt Koenig
WebmasterJared W. Eden
Naval HistorianJeff Herne
Research AssistantAndy Smith
Audio ConsultantKevin McDaniels
Legal CounselGwen Griffith
Certified Public AccountantGene Emge
BookkeepingTom Dobscha


President and CEORichard Wah Kan
Executive ProducerRobert Stevenson
Product ManagerByron Gaum
Creative DirectorDesmond Oku
Graphics Department ManagerElizabeth Petzold
IllustratorRussell Challenger
North American PR ManagerTara Reed
QA ManagerMike Adams
QA LeadChris Elliott
QA StaffDan Dawang, Anthony Finelli, Vasso T. Kontoulis, Adrian Miller, Chris Nesbitt, Daniel Torreblanca

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jeanne (76347)