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Enter the Story: Volume 1 - Victor Hugo's Les Misérables Credits


Produced byChris Tolworthy (
Story ConsultantArlene Harris (
Classical [Solveig's Song], www.royalty‑free‑, Skidmore College Orchestra []
Other Principle MusicPaco Santiago, Miguel Santiago,, Kevin MacLeod (
Dedicated to the memory ofMiguel Santiago
Other MusicMatthew Hartman, Piotr Pawlowski (Desiderium), Bosa, Kisch Stockzieh, Music for Multimedia [Romeo Music International], the Mutopia project [], likantropika [], Fredrik Blom (www.fredrikblom/, Jonathon Roberts (, Taylor Hayward (, John Kwasnik, Sounds Visual [YOPO], Peter John Ross (, Logan Leistikov (Public Music Project), Matthew Milne (Public Music Project), Brian Fleming (Nothing So Strange), Eric Hamilton (Drive), Serge Winitszki, Scott P. Anderson, aGIANTpupafish, Soundcrafter, James Spanos
Sound Effects - FreeSound Artistsinferno, PhreaKsaccount, jon285, Herbert Boland (HerbertBoland), EBH, petenice, Victor Cenusa (victorcenusa), billy_magnum, hanstimm, thedapperdan, roscoetoon, oyez, delphidebrain, harri, suonho, dobroide, stackpool, Hell's Sound Guy
Game EngineChris Jones
OGG player alogg byJavier Gonzalez
www.xiph.orgcopyright © 2002 foundation
Graphics and sound courtesy ofthe Allegro graphics library,
Linux portShawn Walker
Hq2x and Hq3x scalersMaxim Stepin
Load/saveAapeli Kutila
Hotspot textGilbert Cheung
SimpleSnowAndrew MacCormack (SSH)
Simple GlobalsAndrew MacCormack (SSH)
General assistanceeveryone at AGS Forums
InstallerINNO []
Font EditorRadiant FontEdit
Principle TestingLars Kemmann
Additional TestingRachel Tolworthy, Alice Tolworthy, Ann Porter, Devin Rose, Vahn, Luke Sturgess-Durden
Principle Art adapted from classics byGiovanni Antonio Canal (Canaletto), Louis-Martin Berthault (Berthault), Bello, Vincent Willem van Gogh (van Gogh), Charles-François Daubigny (Daubigny), Henry William Burgess, Philips Koninck, and others
Additional Artthe Bull I' The Thorn Inn [], Mr J. Doe [sewers], Andres Green, Chris Tolworthy
Photography via Flickraewolf, Atari, austinevan, burge5000, chaojikazu, Cimexus, ddfreyne, Dplanet, Elsie esq, eimoberg, Gracinha, Irish Philadelphia Photo, Marco, Photo Monkey, orangeacid, S & Co, Tom Purves
Original Story byVictor-Marie Hugo

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