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Overall, it's well thought out and balanced, encourages bastard-like behaviour, has A.I. that behaves like real people, and the possibility of playing real people with multiplay through Stardock's free game server, although graphically it's nothing special, and the music is pretty annoying. Even on beginner level it's quite hard - don't expect to win for at least the first few times.
Capitalism Deluxe may deliver the goods as far as creating a detailed, realistic corporate environment, but Entrepreneur is the more exciting game-equally strategic but more intensely competitive.
Gamezilla (May 21, 1998)
Entrepreneur has a lot of potential. It’s a great idea and it certainly caught my eye. I found the actual execution to be a disappointment, though. After the initial glow and exploration, it quickly became tedious. This needn’t be fatal, but some hefty design changes are necessary to pull this game up to the expectations I had from the descriptions and cover copy.
In the end, ENTREPRENEUR is much more fun than a spreadsheet, but it takes almost as long to fully learn. Patience is definitely a virtue here, but tenacious gamers will be rewarded with a fun inside peek at the sink-or-swim world of business strategy.
Power Unlimited (Jun, 1999)
Entrepreneur combineert de geneugten van een simpel simmetje met die van een simpel oorlogsspel. Het is niet al te moeilijk om je draai te vinden in het digitale zakenleven, tot je wat verder komt en de strijd aan moet gaan met de grote jongens als Microsoft en IBM. Het is geen wereldtitel, maar ok geen game die je na vijf minuten links laat liggen. Daar is oorlogjevoeren in businessland veel te leuk voor.
GameSpot (Oct 14, 1997)
The idea of creating a real-time strategy game in which you conquer with sales instead of tanks is novel. (Though Stardock forces the military analogies too much: salesmen as generals and marketers as tanks? C'mon.) But there is much to like about Entrepreneur, if you can get by the fussy interface and nebulous economics.