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Epistory: Typing Chronicles Credits

37 people (30 developers, 7 thanks)

Created by Fishing Cactus

Game and Level DesignDavid Bailly
Project ManagementDavid Bailly, Thibaut Hanson (Thibz)
ProgrammingThibaut Hanson (Thibz)
Art Direction, Environments, Effects & Technical ArtBenjamin Lucas (Ryan)
Concept Art, Cinematic, Marketing ArtAmandine Flahaut
InterfaceAmandine Flahaut
StoryJoseph J. Clark
Music & Sound DesignJoachim Neuville
Voice ActingRachael Messer
PR, Communication, Community ManagementSophie Schiaratura
Marketing Art SupportCedric Stourme
3D Character Art, Marketing Art SupportBenjamin de Ruyter
3D Character Art & AnimationNathanaël Lesage
QA LeadGuillaume Derruder (Surikat)
Internal ReviewingPierre Guérand, Pieter Vantorre, Antoine Petit, Fabrice Daniel, Laurent Grumiaux, Lucas Devos, Michaël Delva, Bruno Matellet, Bruno Urbain

Additional Support

2D ArtEleanor Ernaelsteen
3D ArtGuillaume Delbecque
DesignAnthony Carlos
ProgrammingLea Heitz
Ending CinematicBenoit Jacquet
Sound DesignNiko Wasterlain

Special Thanks

Special ThanksSimon Wasserburger, Olivier Bogarts, Antoine Fion, Florian Sabin
Thanks toThe whole Fishing Cactus team; who worked hard to pay the bills while we made Epistory


Ending Song: 'Desert Dream' byLarkin Poe
Game EngineUnity
FMOD Studio byFirelight Technologies
Fishing Cactus would like to thankAll the fans who have supported us from our Early Access launch until now., You are amazing!

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