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    The Erevos Chronicle

    In 1450,in a French town called Lille,Reveka Travers and her four year old son were found dead in a river coast... Lille's residents were upset by this incident and talked about vampire killers.However the King calmed people by hanging a psychopath slave of the yard,as responsible for the two murders. Alexander Travers,Reveca's husband and the young boy's father,was not convinced that the slave who had been hanged was responsible for the murder of his family. After two year's of intensive research he collected enough evidence to confirm to himself the existance of vampires.(people cursed by God who cannot die and have to feed themselves with human blood). The Inquisition and the King,for an unknown till now reason,tried to hide the truth about their existence.Alexander Travers dedicated the rest of his life to the termination of the vampires.He studied them,found out their powers and their wicknesses and hired mercenaries to back him up. In 1454 he founded an organisation that acted secretly under the the King's and the Iinquisition's sight.That's the reason why it was given by him the name Erevos(deep darkness) He established as the symbol of the oranisation,three lights tied rayly in the centre of a cycle.This symbol must be written on the left palm of every member of the organisation. As the years passed,the victims of the vampires became more and more and their desperate relatives willingly accepted to become members of the organization with only profit their personal joy. In 1474 after the natural death of Alexander Travers,the oldest member took over the leading of the Erevos organization,voluntaraly and without payment. The Erevos organization,acts secretly,untill now,under the sight of the law and the vampires.But a secret cannot be a secret for a vampire for too long.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76519) on Apr 29, 2007.