Erevos Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Information Chart
Age Restriction Warning
Menu Screen
Vampires Book
The Vampire Board
The Voodoo Curse in the Starting FMV
The Deadly & Brutal Attack in the starting FMV
Voodoo Doll
The Sun it out
The Hallway
News Clippings on the notice board
News about the Headless Body
Monster Human Baby's Birth Picture
Girl with her Doll
Cursed Doll
The Newspaper's Reports
Newsclippings on the Noticeboard
Human body defined
Brandali Mc Koon's Information Page
Eric's Information Page
Cornelius' Information Page
Baby Sofia's Information Page
Piter's Information Page
Rozalia's Information Page
Thomas Wilson's Information Page
Roxanne's Information Page
The Chronicles of The Erevos Organization defined
The Coffin of the Dead