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Hentai Reviews (Sep 20, 2017)
The one main gripe I have with the game is how short it is. You have this awesome game that’s challenging, fun, with great controls, nice music, fantastic art, and even a twist ending, but you only have three levels to play. I beat the game in maybe two hours, which is dissappointing because I was just starting to get good at it. It’s all over too fast, though there’s still a lot of replay value if you play on higher difficulties. It would be awesome to see more of this game in the form of a DLC or a sequel.
336GameReviews (Jan 09, 2019)
Eroico is a decently made action platformer in its own right that doesn’t solely rely on its hentai aspects. It features solid gameplay, good pixel art, and a soundtrack that is uninspired at first but grows to be quite catchy by the final stage. Best of all is that there is a demo available which is sadly an ever-increasing rarity these days. There is a lot to like about this title and while it may not set your world on fire with any innovative new features, it is still an enjoyable hour-long romp through a lewd monster girl filled world.
All in all, if you have an appetite for the curiosity that is this punishing little platformer with pixel-porn scenes playing out right there on the game field, you could do worse for a double dose of hack and slash-cum-bump and grind action. Eroico's greatest weaknesses are probably the lack of variety in its rote environs, and the shortness of the adventure. Its greatest strength is that it actually pairs its fan service with challenging but fair gameplay, and there aren't a load of games that do both.
GameGrin (May 05, 2017)
For a game that’s marketed on sex selling, there’s about as much story as I’d expect. That’s not to say I’m not disappointed, I am, but it’s obviously not at the forefront of the developer’s mind. It’s more than just a basic platformer, and it does look great, but it’s hardly groundbreaking.
LewdGamer (Apr 20, 2017)
Eroico is a game that prides itself on its gameplay far more than it does on sexual content. Make no mistake, there is more emphasis on sex here than there was in Kyrieru’s previous game, but the two elements that comprise your standard H-game (gameplay and porn) are still segregated. No other part of the game highlights this better than the option to play without the sexual content enabled at all. Eroico stands firmly on its own legs as a brisk, 2D action game you could tear through while waiting for HD JAV torrents to finish. While it may not be anything special compared to other more conventional 2D action games, it’s certainly a cut above your average porn game, dishing out the game first and foremost. Now, if only Kyrieru made a game where you could forcibly rape enemies instead of having to game over for the sex scenes. That would be a real treat.