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Escape from Monkey Island Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
LucasArts logo with monkey
I want to be a pirate!
The choices of the German version...
"Escape from Monkey Island" is a sea-battle simulation! ;-)
The girl's surely got guts!
What is going on here?
The adventure begins...
International House Of Mojo
Haven't I seen them before? Like, in 1990? Only they weren't 3D?
Scumm Bar. A lot has changed since 1990.
The map of Melee Island.
A Monkey Island game without a grog-machine? No way!
It's... pink.
Still some pirates out there...
Where the hell is the treasure?
Poor pirates have to dwell in such a place!
Mini-Guybrush, Mini-LeChuck.
Pirates should learn to be honest people!
Jambalaya Island.
I didn't know i was SO famous!
What's the matter, have you discovered China?!
Guybrush receives a souvenir at Planet Threepwood, a tourist attraction on Jambalaya Island
Performing the right moves in Monkey Kombat
Navigating through the spooky marsh can be tricky.
An underground cavern. Scroll thru the actions using the page up and down keys and press Enter.
The Main Menu
The Options Menu
Saving a game in one of the limitless spots.
Outside International House of Mojo
Elaine Marley
Act 1 starts.
Exiting the ship.
Timmy the monkey
Timmy the monkey wants to tell you something.
View from far above
Town central
Reiterating through all the incarnations of LeChuck
Guybrush trying to provoke the player
Close up on Guybrush Threepwood
Guybrush is as helpful as ever
Returning home from your honeymoon
Guybrush and Elaine discussing the next course of action
The map of Lucre island
There's nothing here, yet he followed the map exactly to the point... maybe it's beneath
It's a good thing Guybrush can hold his breath for 10 minutes
Finally finding out the secret of... Herman's missing pants