Eschalon: Book I Credits (Windows)

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Eschalon: Book I Credits


Developed byThomas Riegsecker
Additional DesignDarren Berkey, Jason Staples
Lead TestingDarren Berkey, Jason Staples
Executive ProducerAngela Niederhauser
Title Theme and Select MusicBorislav Slavov (Glorian), Victor Stoyanov
Additional MusicMark Deaton, Kevin MacLeod (, Krzysztof Wierzynkiewicz
Game AssetsMark Deaton
Font WizardSuzanne Fleischauer
Mac Hardware DonationAlexander Kaltsas
Beta TestingTimothy Attuquayefio, Bealthazar, David Blanchard, Rich Brenner, Michael Burton, Keith Dalluhn, John Dye, Mike Gillingham (mrmunka), Diane Hutton (Dragonlady), Jason Innes, Alexander Kaltsas, Tim Miller, Kevin Neff, Grandy Peace, Michael Philips (Letham)
Additional ThanksJason Compton (Planewalker Games), Everyone in the Blitz Community, Noah Patterson, Blitz Research Ltd, Reiner Prokein (Tiles), RPGVault, RPGCodex, RPGWatch, Inside Mac Games, GameBanshee, Game Play Magazine, Mac Life Magazine
Created on workstations usingCrucial Memory

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