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Esoteria: Techno-Assassin of the Future Credits


ProducerCris Lai
Associate ProducerRobert Kovach, Geoffrey Y. Leu
Lead ProgrammerAdam Hayek
Art DirectorRobert Kovach
Story writerGeoffrey Y. Leu
ProgrammersGeoffrey DeWan, Frank Klier, Terrance McGhee, Michael Saladino, Jennifer Tsou, Darian Woodford
Enemy AITerrance McGhee, Mitri Vanichtheeranont
Low level Graphic EngineMichael Saladino
Conceptual ArtistShi Kai Wang
Interface DesignRobert Kovach
3D ArtistsHugh Suh, Mitri Vanichtheeranont
Graphic ArtistsAndy Chang, Andrew J. Collins, Hoang Pham
Cinematic AnimationHugh Suh, Mitri Vanichtheeranont
Lead World DesignersRobert Kovach, Cris Lai, Geoffrey Y. Leu
World DesignersElliott Hsu, Dion McGhee, Shi Kai Wang, James Yu
Sound CoordinatorHugh Suh
Project ManagerJoan S. Looi
Administrative AssistantDion McGhee
DocumentationFrank Klier, Geoffrey Y. Leu, Joan S. Looi, Terrance McGhee, Michael Saladino
Manual DesignElliott Hsu, Shi Kai Wang, James Yu
Public RelationsJoan S. Looi
Playtester CoordinatorDion McGhee
Mobeus designs would specially like to thankDennis Defensor, Camille Goudeseune, Henry Leyong, Jon Seidefeld, Yaz Shehab, Alan Yong, Lucy Yong
Music CompositionDavid L. Berk
Sound Design and EffectsDavid Musial
Additional Sound EffectsRichard Adrian
Sound Recording EngineeringDavid Musial, Yaz Shehab
Digital Audio EngineeringRichard Adrian
Music Produced byDavid L. Berk, David Musial, Yaz Shehab
Music Software DesignCamille Goudeseune
Music Executive ProducerYaz Shehab
The Media Cafe would like to thankJeff Babson, Rasha Ehard, Michel Goudeseune, Adam Hayek, Michael Saladino, Saverio Samarelli, David Schilling, Robert Wohler
Lead PlaytestersDon Anderson, Oliver Bonemme, Wayne Francis, Tibor Thumay
PlaytestersRichard Baelio, John Clover, Ed Smith, Tom Watson, David Yong
And to all our family and friends, thank you for your patience and supportJon D. Berry, Kim Bui, Roy Chang, Nancy Chang, Hien Duong, Dave Collins, Ben Hayek, Diana Collins, Samantha Hayek, Skali Baba & the Forty Ounce Horns, Mom & Dad Hsu, Michael Hayek, Nick Huang, Serena Huang, Monica Hayek, George Hurtado, Eunha Kim, Jen Klier, Dalai Lama, Cindy Lee, Lek, George Kovach, Shiung Lo, Shigeru Miyamoto, Carol Kovach, Oreo, The Wolf Pack, Thahn Lai, Van Thi Pham, Phuong Lai, Rob Springfield, Best Brains Studios, Rich Trad, Shu-Yi Tsou, George Leu, Nobuo Uematsu, Angel Leu,  Vera, Shi Kai Wang, Ben Weasel, Lucy Yong, Ska community, The Suh family, Yu family, The Buffet and its restockers, Tao-SHan Tsou, Ching-Yin Tsou, Alan Vanichtheeranont, Jeniene Woodford, Jasmine Woodford, God and all the people who believed in us

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