Eurofighter Typhoon Credits


Project LeaderDon Whiteford
ProgrammingPaul Christopher Bonner, Kevin Gee, Mark Gornall, Steven Hunt, Mark Lomas, Kam Yin Yip
Graphics / ArtworkNeil Ambler, Martin Carter, Paul Dolan, Donna Jennett, Andrew Stewart, Richard Thomas
Additional Graphics / ArtworkAndrew Bate, Allan Duggan, Paul McHugh
Technical DirectorRobin Anderson
MusicBuster Field
Marketing / PRJane Hickey, Martin Kitney, Simon Lilley, Glen O'Connell, John Schorah, Colin Stokes
Additional SupportIan Bustin, Nev Cook, Keith Harley, Paul McHugh, Ally Noble, Bill Scanlon, Peter Scaramanga, John Turner, Mike Waterworth
SoundAndrew Diey, Stephen Lord
Quality AssuranceDean Bent, Jody Craddock, David Dixon, Nick Hall, Stuart Williams
Special Thanks ToJoanne Barnes, Colin Bell, Dave Birkhead, Luke Boorman, Peter Desmier, David Ewing, Paul Finnegan, Neo Itoh, Jon Oldham, Liam Risnes, John Schorer, Nick White, Julia Young
Localisation / Translation: French versionXavier Cayrol, Delphine Delesalle, Caroline Marchant

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Credits for this game were contributed by Cochonou (1095)