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Out Of Eight (Dec 16, 2009)
Simply put, if you have Europa Universalis III, you need Heir to the Throne. I mean, look at the length of this review…for an expansion! That alone should tell you that there is a lot of new stuff! The changes introduced here all alter the gameplay for the better, and are significant enough to clearly justify $20. Heck, downloadable content (all the rage) usually introduces a couple of needless maps for $10, so Heir to the Throne is definitely worth the investment. Why, you ask? Most significant is the addition of thirty specific casus belli; these give a real nice objective for each war, other than generic “capture provinces” and whatever other demands you can squeeze out of your war score. Battles are also more decisive thanks to increased minimum length; you will have to spend a lot more money building new troops during and after a war instead of simply reinforcing existing units.
85 PC Gaming (Feb 08, 2010)
Aside from that unpleasantness Heir to the Throne is essential, and not just because it's going to be required by the next expansion pack. It improves on a great formula, and the only areas it is lacking in are areas in which no other grand strategy game has ever excelled. Europa Universalis is now at the edge of truly groundbreaking innovation. Improving on something this polished is going to require entirely new ways of thinking about these kinds of strategy games.
GameSpot (Dec 23, 2009)
The plethora of improvements introduced in Heir to the Throne have made Europa Universalis 3 a more engaging and user-friendly experience. Particularly immersive are the new casus belli system, the revisions to combat, and the internal politics of the Holy Roman Empire. These features will give fans ample reason to spend countless additional hours kicking the Turks out of Byzantium, unifying the Holy Roman Empire, and taking Napoleon's Grande Armee out for a spin. Newcomers interested in Heir to the Throne should watch for the inevitable "Europa Universalis 3 Complete: We really mean it this time" edition. Whether or not this title sticks, strategy fans will find that the latest iteration of Europa Universalis 3 is a bona fide classic.
Cyber Stratege (Mar 16, 2010)
Pour terminer, disons que cette extension atteint globalement son objectif, en cela qu’elle améliore (généralement) le système et augmente l’intérêt du jeu, tout autant que le plaisir du joueur à le pratiquer. N’en demeure pas moins que les bugs, approximations, erreurs de contenu tout autant que les lacunes de l’interface, continuent de nuire à cette satisfaction malgré les années de patches, contenus additionnels payants et promesses de l’éditeur. Il faudrait doubler le nombre de pages de ce test pour énumérer les problèmes, mineurs certes mais pénibles. Au final oui, Heir to the throne ajoute de belles pierres à l’édifice EU3 mais rien qui n’aurait dû en faire partie initialement. En réalité, on demeure en droit de s’interroger sur la légitimité de cet héritier ! Pour certains -dont je fais partie- tout cela aurait dût faire l’objet d’additions gratuites successives, pas d’un troisième volet dématérialisé et monétisé au prix fort !
Gamers Daily News (Jan 28, 2010)
Overall, this is a great improvement to an already classic game, with internal and external diplomatic dramas to deal with as they unfold, as well as the finely tuned UI which makes observing and maintaining your provinces a lot easier.