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European Air War Credits

69 people (55 developers, 14 thanks)


Lead DesignTsuyoshi Kawahito
DesignWarren Capps, Tim Goodlett
Lead ProgrammingTsuyoshi Kawahito
ProgrammingChris Coon, Brandon Gamblin, Will Gee, Rob Hafey, Rob Knopf
Graphics / ArtworkMatthew Bell, Evan Brown, John Cameron, Stacey Clark, Rob Cloutier, Erik Ehoff, Sam Laskowski, Michael Reis, David Thompson
Additional Graphics / ArtworkSusan Clausen Paquin
MusicRoland J. Rizzo
SoundMark Cromer, Mark Reis
DocumentationTim Goodlett, Richard Henning, John Possidente, Anne Stone, Reiko Yamamoto
ProducerMartin DeRiso
Quality AssuranceTom Falzone (Project Lead), Paul Ambrose, Timothy Beggs, Matthew Bittman, Eleanor Crawley, Michael Davidson, Mark Gutknecht, Rosalie Kofsky, Charles Lane, Jason Lego, Brandon Martin, Rex Martin, Steven Purdie, Salvatore Saccheri, Rick Saffery, Jeff Smith
Acting / VoiceoversJonathan Bryce, Mark Cromer, Michael Dubose, David Ellis, Mark Reis, Brandon Gamblin
Voices of the RAF & LuftwaffeSDL International
Special Thanks toTom Basham, Ming Cheung, Amanda Colliss, Christopher Eldridge, James Isles, Doug Jeanes, Kathryn Lynch, Marisa Ong, Brian Workman, Lad Doctor, Lee Baldwin, Mike Destin, Don, Sammy the Wonder Beagle
Digital Strategy HelpEd Dille (Author), Becky Freeman (Programming&Production)
MarketingTom Nichols (USA), Adrian Turner (UK), Thomas Sewing (GER), Chris Noone (AUS)
Public RelationsKathy Sanguinetti
LocalisationKaren Ffinch, Sarah Collins, SDL International

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Credits for this game were contributed by faceless (446), Corn Popper (69019) and formercontrib (158254)