EVE Burst Error Trivia (Windows)

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English version

The Japanese voices, known from several anime series, are not dubbed in the English version.


English version includes a limited-edition mousepad.


Some of the characters' names are different in Saturn and PC versions (at least the PC version with English subtitles):
  • Akane is called Kanomi in PC version
  • Aqua is called Amanda in PC version
  • Ciria is called Natasha in PC version


EVE burst error was a huge hit (it was in fact one of the few titles that kept the Saturn going on its final days, at least in Japan) and it has sprung several sequels.


This game and its sequels have names based on central character names from the anime series Megazone 23. E.V.E. was a sentient computer program represented by a beautiful young girl with light green hair who served to help the protagonist characters survive a government conspiracy involving a threat to their world. ADAM as titled in the final sequel of this game series was a computer program seen in Megazone 23 pt II that stood for Absolute Destruction of Available Mass. A spaceborne weapon of mass destruction that channeled an energy force from the moon to destroy the enemy threatening Megazone station. I

Information also contributed by James Evans and Unicorn Lynx

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