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EverQuest II Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Flying a Griphon.
Flying on a Magic Carpet.
Fighting a Forgotten Guardian.
Comrades on a Wolf form
Working on Trade Skills.
Harvesting roots.
Gating to a safe place.
On the Brokers, you can buy and sell items to the rest of the players.
Killing crabs near the coast.
Sabertooth patrolling on the forest.
The basement of the city
Crossing South Qeynos.
Waiting for a ride on the Griphons' post.
Praying before the battle.
Qeynos at night
What are you doing, Fengzu?
I just fall in love... but she ignores me.
Setting some traps.
Working on the Forge.
A dangerous swim
My empty room, with only a reminder of my past life in EQ1 ( the picture of Plane of Air, on the wall).
Girion, The Dwarf, fighting a big Minotaur.
Visiting the city of Qeynos.
Mining on the forest.
Weird enemies waiting for you on EQ2 lands.
Running to the city walls.