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Evidence: The Last Ritual Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Login Screen
Jess is blinking
Video of Jessica starting to search for her brother, Adrian Moses
Jess is showing code and letters
Scheme found on one of Internet sites
One of the puzzles - Put symbols in mouth
Manuela and Jack Lorski in Spain (in Russian)
Blinking names
Manuela shows places on the map of Spain to Jack Lorski (in Russian)
Make relations of numbers from Dante's "Divine Comedy" and Boticelli's pictures below
Jack Lorski is near "La calahorra" castle in Spain
Rodrigo tells about secret society
Visiting Fabio Urquijo
Combine RGB slides
Brad Degannes is a friend of Adrian. He tells Jess about him. (in Russian)
Determine Brad's lastname
Leslie tells about ritual of Adrian and Susan
Sharon and Jess are thinking
Examine cube with Rafael's painting
Fabio meets some stranger near mines
Back of Gilbert
Face of Gilbert (in Russian)
Info about Gilbert in Internet
Manuela shows papers to Gerd Hanke (in Russian)
Deciphering the code
Examining papers of Adrian Moses (in Russian)
House found in woods of Vermont
Lisa-Marie Delasselle tells about sectants (in Russian)
Sharon describes the events of this day (in Russian)
Braille dictionary for the blinded
Ear puzzle
Drawing Templar's cross
Combine three items to receive a letter
One of Jess bodyguards was killed
Repeat the upper mask
Climbing to monument in Scotland (in Russian)
Type last names of 12 victims of Phoenix
Tracking the Phoenix (in Russian)
Gerd is descending to Phoenix hideout (in Russian). It is first step of developers on the way to Experience 112.
Gerd is fighting with Phoenix to save Jessica Moses