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Evil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Evil Twin intro with Cyprien, the game’s main character.
Main screen
The Island's map. From here you can access any level you have visited before.
Lenny, the Teddy Bear, is Cyprien’s faithful companion.
Cyprien’s friends Vincent, Jocelyn, Steve and David catapulted to the Land of Undabed by The Master, the game’s big baddie…
Lenny has been captured by The Master and Cyprien gets transported to the strange land of Undabed.
Demis’ Island: the first of eight levels you will visit.
Cyprien climbs up the wizard’s tower to get an invisibility-antidote.
Collect a camera and Wilbur, one of the game's strange creatures, will take a picture of you. This is the game’s save-feature.
Vincent’s Island: collect light worms.
Use the light worms to bring a little light in this dark level.
Catapult this end of level boss in first-person perspective mode.
Cyprien on the colourful Folksville boat. One of the game’s most beautiful levels.
The game consists of over 90 minutes of cut scenes. These give a good overview what to expect in a level.
Cyprien works his way up the machinery of the Folksville boat.
Jocelyn’s island: Cyprien has transformed in his alter-ego Supercyp to fight a scarecrow.
Shoot the grape-crushing monks and save at least three grapes.
Supercyp's confrontation with Jocelyn’s alter-ego.
Cyprien has made it to the mystical city of Flyville. One of the game’s more difficult levels.
You can look up your inventory all the time.
Things are not looking good. Cyprien cannot stand a hit anymore and a flying thingy is shooting him.
On Steve Island Cyprien gets in a school nightmare.
Shoot Jocelyn’s sweet at a baddie and you can take control of him for a couple of seconds.
Why is that teacher staring over there?
On David’s Island the action gets heated up. Use your Supercyp powers to fly through the air.
Cyprien has put a reactor to overdrive. Time to get out of here.
David is controlling one big mech-droid.
At last Cyprien has reached the land of Loren Darith. The Master awaits him.
One of The Master’s incarnations. To say it is huge would be an understatement.
The final battle in The Master’s last incarnation. Now he does suspiciously look like Cyprien.