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Graphic Engine by
Dark Basic Software
Worldwide flag Worldwide
Release Date
Sep 22, 2005
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Graphic Engine by
Dark Basic Software
Germany flag Germany
Release Date
4 018281 369286
Russia flag Russia
Release Date
Feb 14, 2007
Patch History
Oct 14, 2005
v1.288 - small improvements for single-player and multiplayer
Nov 02, 2005
v1.508 - improved physics and graphic effects, new trade routes
Nov 22, 2005
v1.588 - improved balance
Dec 02, 2005
v1.788 - improved comfort and bug fixes
Jan 07, 2006
v1.788 - improved graphics and bug fixes
Mar 02, 2006
v1.828 - improved graphics and comfort
Jun 02, 2006
v1.888 - improved handling
Dec 01, 2006
v2.008 - Vista support; overhauled graphics, physics, handling and menus; bug fixes
Jan 12, 2007
Version 2.088
  • Players can now hire crew members that specialize in various skills to enhance their ship and its upgrades.
  • New high quality ships (models and textures) added.
  • Seamless planetary descent effects improved (horizon haze, shadows for ridges, smoother transitions).
  • News console added to provide players with local market conditions and system news.
  • Online news system added.
  • Textures improved for planets, cloud layers, and space stations.
  • Mining beams now automatically pan around to optimized material recovery from asteroids.
  • Multiplayer hosting reliability improved.
  • Primary weapon effects improved.
  • Mouse response in the multiplayer menus improved.
  • Several issues with the Mouse Direction control mode fixed.
  • The Low and Medium sensitivity modes for joystick and gamepad controls centered better.
  • The HAT thruster control mode now provides the same level of power as key and button controls.
  • Minor bug with lens flares fixed.
Jan 28, 2007
Version 2.108
  • Individual key and button control for nearest/next hostile added in addition to dual key/button option.
  • Support for 1360X768 and 1360X1024 resolutions added.
  • Ship to ship trades with mismatched cargo capacity corrected.
  • Cargo container options in custom systems corrected.
  • Loss of shadow effects after certain view changes fixed.
  • When plotting jump points, you can now right click on an entry field to clear the value.
  • Right clicking on object icons in the navigation console will automatically lock a jump point to that object.
Feb 08, 2007
Version 2.108B
  • Improved support for the 1920X1200 resolution.
Mar 02, 2007
Version 2.128
  • You can now deactivate stealth devices prior to their default cloaking duration by pressing the secondary device button a second time.
  • Docking lights for space stations now provide a flight path to the docking port rather than just a circle around it.
  • If targeted ship is destroyed, the targeting system will now give priority to the next nearest hostile (rather than just the next nearest ship).
  • For widescreen resolutions, players can now manually adjust the mouse cursor offset to adapt to various aspect ratios.
  • Support for multiple control devices enhanced (in particular, CH controllers such as rudder pedals).
  • Mouse wheel throttle control now disables when using the navigation console (for all mouse flight control modes).
  • Y Nav point position no longer changes with mouse wheel throttle input in mouse flight control modes.
  • Secondary throttle control with game device buttons added.
Apr 20, 2007
Version 2.188
  • Performance optimizations for Windows Vista and slow systems running other versions of Windows.
  • Third person view now retains HUD and cockpit displays for combat effectiveness.
  • Purchasing station licenses now offers protection against hostile ships while docked.
  • Loaded ship upgrades now provide a 3D icon in the inventory console and description when highlighted.
  • Option to customize gun sound effects added (see the customizing kit for details).
  • Option to remove cockpit struts now available ('nostruts.txt' file option in the game's folder).
  • Text messages from crew members now display for full duration as with other message types.
May 12, 2007
Version 2.208
  • Support for TrackIR expanded to include all six degrees of movement and improved central deadzone.
  • Improvements to joystick HAT panning view control and padlock mode.
  • Menus now support 'Optimized' resolution mode.
  • Support for running under Vista's UAC added.
  • 3D text image quality improved.
Sep 14, 2007
Version 2.288
  • New specular effects added to ships for a shiny metallic look.
  • Radar markers added for navigation points and contract waypoints.
  • Framerate performance for slower systems greatly improved for menus.
  • Missile lock retention bug for stealth devices fixed for multiplayer.
  • Minor bug with threat level indicators not updating with the correct color level fixed.
  • Bug causing the game to close back to the desktop at launch on some systems fixed.

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