Evochron Mercenary Credits


Thanks for creating the amazing music in the game.Rich Douglas
Thanks for his work on the MultiJoy controller system.Cleber de Mattos Casali
Thanks for creating several of the models used in the game.Tore Subasi
Thanks for his help in solving several shader issues.Jim Burridge
Thanks for the DBPro collision system.Paul Johnston
Thanks for his atmosphere shader.Carlos Wilkes
Thanks for donating some of the speech for the game.Ryan Anderson, Chris Burch, Alex Burch, Mark Mcburney, Randee Mcburney, Mara Fulbright
Thanks.To those of you who helped beta test the game., And to the players... I appreciate your patience and understanding when it took so long for one person to create media and program this project. I truly hope that all of you enjoy playing Evochron Mercenary!

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