Evolution: The Game of Intelligent Life Credits


Executive Producer, Original Game Concept, Contributing DesignAlan Roireau
Director of ProductionHarry Moxley
Technology Group Manager, InstallerDave Harmon
Production CoordinatorJill Strampel
Testing ManagerJason Piette
TestersAllyson Alt, Michael Bolotin, Andrew Boyd, Jason Brown, Michael Crafferty, Chester Foster, Carlos Fyfe, Martin Hage, Joshua Levy, Doug Nerad, Peter O'Leary, Michael Panetta, Christopher Rollins
Operation ManagerAndrea Downing
Project ManagerChristopher Baer
Vice President, Sales and MarketingTom Burke
Director, Retail MarketingAndrea Roberson
Senior Manager, Consumer MarketingKari Bloom
Marketing AssistantBrendan Hart
Senior Vice President, Discovery Interactive MediaAndrew Sharpless
Vice President, Special ProjectsLiddy Manson
General Manager and PublisherThomas A. Porter
Director, Consumer MarketingValerie Rice


Game DesignGreg Costikyan
Executive ProducerLeonard C. Quam
Associate ProducerMatthew Blumberg
Technical DirectorDamon Osgood
ProgrammingAndy Hickmott, Kim Moser, David Moxon, David Storrs
Art Director, Interface Art, TerrainDavid Johnson
3-D Creature Animation and ArtFrank Lam
3-D Creatures Modeling and TexturesJeff Waddell
End Game 3-D Animation, TerrainKim Stoddard
Art ProductionCam Plummer, Jay Howell
MusicPatrick Zimmerli
Audio, Sound DesignJared Blume (Interlock Post)
Contributing Design, Player ManualJohn M. Astell
Additional DesignKevin J. Maroney
BestiaryLisa Sita
EditingDebbie Notkin
ProductionPatricia H. Elwell
Web MasterAvram Grumer
Production, DirectionMatthew Blumberg
Enviornment Modeling and DesignJens Scott
Creature Modeling and TexturesJeff Waddell
Storyboards, Motion Studies, Creature TextureIan Spence
Particle Effects, Additional LightingJose Sanchez
Character AnimationCarl Edwards, David Corrado, Shyr Lan, Kim Dea Il, Todd Juro, Steve Roselle, Frederick Gaston, Andre Basso, Reeves Blaksley
TestersRobert V. Armstrong, Stuart Blavatnik, Mike Brodie, Kirt A. Dankmyer, Graham Gelling, Spencer Grey, Scott Hamilton, Harold H. Hersey, Stefan Jones, David Langendoen, Michael Parker, Kevin Steppe, Stephen Tihor, Dave Willkomm, Alan Wexelblat
Special Thanks toRay Sterner (Johns Hopkins University Space Oceanography Group), Lori Marino (Emory University Department of Biology), Glen Ledingham

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Credits for this game were contributed by monkeyislandgirl (8699)