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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - NES (US):

    Exodus Ultima

    This is the ultimate role playing fantasy game. You put together a team of any four characters—assume their identities and powers—to conquer the evil Exodus who has created havoc in Britannia. Hostile forests, high mountains, and dangerous oceans all stand in your way as you destroy monsters, search for gold, find clues, and explore dungeons to discover the hiding place of Exodus.

    • 5 year lithium battery saves score and play position
    • Exciting animated graphics
    • Full sound effects
    • Multi-character interplay
    • 100 hours of game time.

    For harder challenges, you can change teams or create your own characters. Memory can score and save three games individually.

    Contributed by jean-louis (39242) on Aug 05, 2019.

Advert in Zzap! (Issue 3 July 85 p98) – UK:




    ☆ Up to 20 Character Roster ☆ A 1 to 4 Character Party
    ☆ Individual Player Movement ☆ 16 Long & Short Range
    Weapons ☆ 8 Armour Types ☆ 32 Magic Spells ☆ 11 Character
    Classes, 5 Races ☆ New Astrological Influences ☆ New Combat
    Mode ☆ New Ship to Ship or Shore Combat ☆ New Advanced
    Dungeon Graphics ☆ New Animated Outdoor Graphics
    ☆ New Navigational Strategy ☆ Full Colour Visuals
    Throughout ☆ Adventure Style Verb Entry

    Contributed by FatherJack (62744) on Mar 20, 2015.

1991-92 Origin Product Catalog:
  • Over a HALF MILLION COPIES sold worldwide
  • Up to three separate games-in-progress can be saved simultaneously
  • Stop and start score-saver for continuing play action
  • Exciting animated graphics and full sound effects
  • Named "Role Playing GAme of the Year" by Game Players Magazine (1989)

    Contributed by Jeanne (76451) on Oct 11, 2002.

From back of box:
    Upon escaping the crumbling ruins of Shadowguard, the black fortress of Minax, you lay your weary body on the now-sacred ground. As you rest, you remember your first encounter with the evil wizard of Mondain, whom you later tracked down and destroyed. The existence of his apprentice, Minax, was soon revealed and the crusade was begun again. Younger and more cunning than her mentor, she has been much more difficult to vanquish. But now your sense of accomplishment is touched by a chilling fear. Have all vestiges of evil been removed? Somehow, you sense that your treacherous foes have not been eliminated. Without further feats of skill, daring, and perseverance, all of your past accomplishments may be lost. You stand up, prepare your armour, and walk to the dimension door. Stepping in, the hunt resumes.

    An epic fantasy role-playing experience featuring:

    • Up to 20 character roster
    • a 1 to 4 character party
    • Individual character movement
    • 16 long and short range weapons
    • 8 armour types
    • Magic weapons, armour and items
    • 32 magic spells
    • 11 character classes, 5 races
    • New combat mode
    • New ship to ship or shore combat
    • Full color visuals throughout
    • New advanced dungeon graphics
    • New animated outdoor graphics
    • Sound on/off toggle
    • New navigational strategies
    • Adventure style verb entry
    • New astrological influences

    Contributed by Belboz (6582) on Apr 14, 2001.

Advertisement in COMPUTE!, June 1984:

    "The world of Ultima III can only be compared to a living tapestry - complex and beautiful... This is the best fantasy game in computing. Indeed, it is one of the best fantasy worlds in which to live. Lord British is a veritable JRR Tolkien of the keyboard." -Popular Mechanics

    "Exodus: Ultima III, with a superior plot to match its superior gaming system, is a great game. It upgrades the market; in several ways it sets new standards for fantasy gaming state of the art." -Softline

    "Exodus: Ultima III is Lord British's magnum opus - so far. It's fun and exciting to play and constantly intriguing. And the ending is marvelously unexpected and not a bit disappointing - except that it is the ending, and as with a good book, you'll probably wish there were more." -Softalk

    Contributed by Belboz (6582) on Apr 12, 2001.