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F-22 Lightning 3 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The game starts with a short film of the F-22 in action
The game's title screen and, yes - the word 'Lightning' was written by a lightning strike
The game's menu screen. The 'Update Product' option no longer seems to work
There are lots of quick missions to fly
This is what the player sees when they select 'Options' from the main menu. the arrows to either side of the 'Video / Performance' window scroll through other game configuration screens
This screen is displayed while a mission loads
On the runway ready for take-off on a simple training mission
This is the basic HUD view. The HUD colour can be changed and there's also a night view option
In addition to the HUD view and the main instrument view there are four or five specialist panels that can be viewed in-flight
There's a special action key that allows the player to check their six
There's the usual fly-by mode and a game pause button. Shame that it puts a message in the middle of the screen because it spoils what would have been a decent screen shot
Missile launched. Good to know the systems work but probably not something that should be done on a training mission
The F-22 has flown above the cloud level and is somewhere around 35,000 feet and climbing
The 'A' key brings up the Easy Flight control menu.
This is the 'Map View'. The player can zoom in and out to view their position relative to way points, other craft, etc
At the end of each mission is a score sheet
This is the campaign menu screen. There are 8 campaigns that can be accessed
A campaign mission briefing
The campaign map view. This too allows the player to zoom in and out and as the mouse cursor moves over an icon it's name is displayed
The aircraft loadout screen in campaign mode
The mission was to escort supply planes. They've been destroyed. I guess that means thee mission is over and there's no promotion then?

Official Screenshots

  • F-22 Lightning 3 Screenshot
  • F-22 Lightning 3 Screenshot
  • F-22 Lightning 3 Screenshot
  • F-22 Lightning 3 Screenshot