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atari missile command

F-22 Raptor Credits

90 people (68 developers, 22 thanks)


Quality AssuranceFred Beers, Steve McNally, Kevin White, Daniel Constant, John Graham
Programmed byRandy Casey
Executive ProducerJohn A. Garcia
Designed byRandy Casey
Menu ProgrammingDavid King
Programming SupportMark J. Davis, Kyle Freeman, Eric Milota, Jim Ratcliff, David Woldrich
Project ManagementDavid Seeholzer
Technical ManagementJohn Butrovich
Associate ProducerWes Eckhart
Mission DesignJohn C. Boone II, Keith Butler, Dan Chang, Ken Hullett, Mat Jennings, Nigel Mills, Alicia Taylor
Art DirectorKeith Rust
ArtDaniel Cabuco, Jhoneil Centeno, Craig Marschke, Michael S. Maza, Rod Parong, Keith Rust, Jon Tando, Darren Thorne, Jason Tull
Additional ArtLawrence Kevin, Chris Tamburrino
AnimationDean Fowler
Digital Video ProcessingDaryl Kimoto
Audio LeadTom Hays
Digital SFX ProcessingScott M. Gilman
Dialog EditingScott M. Gilman, David Freel, Monte Vallier, Dan Bondurant
Dialog Recorded atChuck Everts Sound, Laguna Niguel CA
Music Composed byJoseph Kolkovich, James Donnellan
VoicesValerie Michelle Arem, Craig Barden (CAPT; Slick), David M. Bergman (CAPT; Bergie), Pete Catalano (LT; Gato; USN), Michael Glukhov (LT; Soviet Army-ret), Denise D. Howard (CAPT), Tim Knight (PO2; USN-ret), Tony Kotelenets (EFR; Soviet Army-ret), Jim Linebarger (CAPT; Lerch), Edward A. Mackay, Pat Matthews, Michael S. Maza (SGT; US Army-ret), Christopher McCarthy (CAPT; Pounder), Robert Pescatore (CAPT; Fish), Dwight Schmidt (CAPT; "Pounder"), Thad Shelton (LT; Fingers), Jamie Tardif (CW2)
ManualDennis A. Kilgore
Manual Layout and DesignMichael S. Maza
Technical ConsultingDavid Ferguson (Director Flight Operations Lockheed Martin Skunk Works), Charles Buzze, Paul Metz (Chief Test Pilot for the F-22 Raptor), Jay Stretch (Col.; USAF-ret), Ed Burnett
QA ManagerTim Knight
Lead QATony Kotelenets
Computer MaintenanceGlenn Kronick
Special ThanksRobert Casey, Marilyn Casey, Jon Hausam, Eric Heffron, Pat Hogan, James Lamorticelli, Chris Lauw, Jacqueline E. Lay, John C. Loose (of Dolby Laboratories), Lee Milligan, Lisa Nielsen, David Pollack, Douglas Rothman, Matthew Ruhl, Ron De Los Santos, Dana Smith, Robert Springer (Lt. General; USAF-ret), Rozita Tolouey, Brett Wooldridge, Karly Young
In Memory OfJane Casey, Gary Lee Barickman

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Credits for this game were contributed by Steve McNally (35), Jon Tando (27) and Kabushi (257697)

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