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F.3.A.R. Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Sometimes the game thinks it's Silent Hill
...or Condemned
Other times it's just a plain shooter
Zooming with G3A3
How convenient! Boxes with rifles and ammo lying on the streets.
Middle of nowhere
Did someone just say "Metro 2033"?
Encounter with enemy mech
Found a mech for myself
Inside a mech. Guns overheated, you stick your hands out 'cause it's hot.
Mech vs Mech
Street riot
This doesn't look good
New weapon - a beam of energy hitting all adjacent enemies.
Nice visuals
I better get out of here
Encounter with enemy phase captain
Touch certain bodies to gain points
Intense fight vs phase captain
Mega mech
Inside mega mech vs helicopter - it always has to be like this *sigh*
Mega mech vs mega mech - we're both using our shields so we can't harm each other for a short time
A very intense fight in a mega mech - shields off
Inside airport building
It's raining and it looks good
Hmm... Have you ever seen a female slippery sign?
Level up! + 30% health (as Paxton Fettel)
One of Fettel's attacks against a defenceless computer
Multitasking tips from Paxton Fettel: hold the soldier with one hand while hitting mech with the other.
Fettel holding a soldier. I can kill him in one hit or possess his body. Being a ghost rules!
Fettel can possess bodies of thugs as well as soldiers and captains and use a variety of weapons, unlike Pointman
Paxton Fettel possessing the body of a thug meets his pregnant mother
This is quite a shocking encounter
Attacked by a deadly foe
The gathering
Shooting off thugs' arms and feet
Let me give you a hand.
100% Brutality!
This looks like a "favela" (Portuguese for slum).