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Business Model Attribute Image Commercial
Minimum CPU Class Required Attribute Image Intel Core 2 Duo
Minimum OS Class Required Attribute Image Windows XP
Supported Systems/Models x86 (32-bit)
Minimum RAM Required Attribute Image 2 GB
Minimum DirectX Version Required Attribute Image DirectX 9.0c
Drivers/APIs Supported Pixel Shader 3.0, Pixel Shader 4.0, Pixel Shader 4.1, Vertex Shader 3.0, Vertex Shader 4.0, Vertex Shader 4.1
Media Type Attribute Image Download, Attribute Image DVD-ROM
Minimum Video Memory Required Attribute Image 512 MB
Input Devices Supported Attribute Image Keyboard, Attribute Image Mouse
Multiplayer Game Modes Attribute Image Co-Op
Number of Offline Players Attribute Image 1 Player
Steam Achievements, Cloud, Leaderboards

Technical information contributed by Asinine (1006), jaXen (257870) and formercontrib (158442)