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Good, but not great action-heavy action-RPG Marty Bonus (41) 4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars
[v2.0] No, it's not a Fable. It's a Legend. Indra was here (20896) 4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars
Short, but sweet. Rambutaan (1540) 3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars
Not really a RPG to begin with Mattias Kreku (439) 2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars2.71 Stars
Lost Chapters can stay lost as far as I'm concerned Jeanne (76348) 1.14 Stars1.14 Stars1.14 Stars1.14 Stars1.14 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.8
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.8
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.1
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.6
Overall User Score (79 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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UOL Jogos (Sep 29, 2005)
É impressionante constatar que, mesmo um ano após o lançamento no Xbox, "Fable" continua repleto de fôlego. Se você está procurando por um RPG inteligente, com opções variadas que realmente influenciam o modo como o jogo se comporta, a franquia é ideal.
In the final analysis, however, Fable: the Lost Chapters is a lot of fun to play! This is the key reason behind giving this game such a high grade. The character development is intriguing, the story arc, despite the 'pre-destination' question, is satisfying, and the design and technical aspects are exemplary! Finally, there's extensive replay value here too, so if Lionhead were to produce the further chronicles of Hero, or some other character in the same world (with more alignment-affected story threads), I would be at the front of the queue for a 4 DVD game.
Gamezine (Nov 11, 2005)
J’ai adoré plus que tout Fable sur Xbox, et il n’y avait donc pas de raison que ce ne soit plus le cas sur PC, d’autant plus que cette version comporte de nouvelles régions, de nouveaux monstres, des armes inédites et une nouvelle palette d’expressions. La version PC est également plus belle, plus fine et plus nette que son homologue Xbox. Bref, une vraie merveille, un chef-d’œuvre.
91 (Nov 16, 2005)
When it debuted on the Xbox last year, Fable was a smash hit due to its open-ended nature and in-depth character customization. Now, Fable: The Lost Chapters is making its way to the computer, allowing PC gamers to finally discover what all the fuss is about. As the game progresses, your character will evolve based upon every decision you make, making the experience feel fresh no matter how many times you play it. Expanding on the Xbox version with more quests, new weapons and a load of new decisions to be made, Fable: The Lost Chapters is an excellent addition to any RPG fan’s collection.
Inevitably, those that were hoping for an entirely new campaign that doubles the size of the original are going to be disappointed. However, taken on its own terms, this edition of Fable offers more of what made the original so unique, and succeeds at making a phenomenal game even greater.
ActionTrip (Sep 16, 2005)
In the end Fable is not as grand as Peter made it sound in the early stages of its development, but it's still an outstanding video game. The Lost Chapters is a quality port that adds more content as well as perfects the existing gameplay. Every single fan of great storytelling and compelling single-player fantasy RPGs should own this one. PC gamers who have never played the original should definitely grab it and even those of you who have finished the Xbox version should give The Lost Chapters a try - I believe it will be gaming time/money well spent.
PGNx Media (Oct 22, 2005)
All in all, Fable: The Lost Chapters does a very good job of lofty proclamations of visionary Peter Molyneux. The game addresses one of the chief concerns of the first Fable, its length. With additional content and a longer story, the game is definitely recommended for first-time fans. Xbox players should just wait for Fable: The Lost Chapters to be released for that platform at a budget price.
Worth Playing (Sep 17, 2005)
As additional story and side quests await in Fable: The Lost Chapters, so too does the path of righteousness, as well as the life of evil. With every choice, a character transforms into a reflection of his actions and decisions. There are new quests to conquer, areas to explore, creatures to slay and story elements to discover.
Quandary (Nov, 2005)
Fable: The Lost Chapters is an innovative RPG that is a lot of fun to play. The view is third person, over the shoulder, and although the game does allow some choices, it is quite linear at its core. It does not take long to complete even if you choose to do most of the side quests. I completed it in about twelve hours but it can take between eight and fifteen.
HappyPuppy (Sep 15, 2005)
Fable: The Lost Chapters will greatly appeal to those who enjoyed Fable, while those who didn't will not be swayed by anything on offer here. For a console to PC translation, The Lost Chapters triumphs in transition, so those of you were waiting for PC version all along get justly rewarded. If you haven't played Fable, you have the benefit of approaching the magical, accessible, and charming world of Fable: The Lost Chapters minus the intensity and preclusions of the hype and hollering that preceded and followed the original game.
Armchair Empire, The (Sep 19, 2005)
Sometimes it pays to be forced to wait for a release to come to your preferred platform. I remember wanting to play Fable when it first came out, but not having an Xbox put a damper on my plans. Enter Fable: The Lost Chapters; now released for the PC, bigger, better and designed to take advantage of the PC's technical capabilities. Not only that, as the title indicates, extra content has been added to the game and now gamers can experience some of the further adventures of the Hero that were cut from the original.
If you came into Fable expecting the best RPG ever made, you probably left disappointed. I feel sorry for you too, because Fable: The Lost Chapters is one of the better games available on the Xbox. It might not have lived up to the hype that Peter Molyneux was touting, but with the low bar that I had going into the game after hearing such negative things about it (except Game Freaks 365 did give the original an 8.8 out of 10), I was a bit baffled. If you can put aside everything that Microsoft wanted you to believe before Fable was released and everything the press wanted you to believe after the game was released, you can easily enjoy this game.
Jolt (UK) (Sep 07, 2005)
When a Peter Molyneux title is released, the gaming world takes notice. When Fable originally appeared for the Xbox just under a year ago, it was surrounded by a fanfare of hype (courtesy of the overblown promises of its excitable creator), and some clever advertising (the excellent “everybody loves you” / “everybody hates you” campaign). This was soured to an extent by the follicly -challenged one having to apologise for going way over the top when he was making all sorts of outlandish promises as to what the game would be like. This didn’t change the fact that Fable was a top-drawer RPG then, and still is now that it’s finally appeared on the PC.
Game Chronicles (Oct 04, 2005)
The improved interface and totally configurable controls along with some superior graphics definitely make this the version of Fable you want to play. And given the fact that you can play this game to untold conclusions, you might want to pick this up even if you have already played the Xbox version. I'm sure there is something in Albion you haven't done yet.
GamingExcellence (Oct 11, 2005)
Overall, Fable the Lost Chapters maintains the same stature as that of the Xbox original version of Fable but with a little more content. The game will take the average gamer about 20 to 30 hours to complete and is a relatively easy game to pick up and learn without looking at the manual. The PC version maintains the same style of gameplay, along with the graphics and ease of playability. It does add some new features compared to the Xbox, but it is difficult to justify spending the money if you already own the Xbox version.
Gameguru Mania (Sep 24, 2005)
If you played the Xbox version (2004), then you're well aware of what Fable is about. If you haven't, Fable is an imaginative and unique role-playing game that presents moral choices throughout the course of the story; it's not just about running around the world and killing creatures. As you can probably tell from the name, the PC version adds a considerable amount of new content to Fable, in terms of new quests, new weapons and accessories, and other new elements.
Absolute Games ( (Oct 13, 2005)
Fable - одно из приятных открытий уходящего года. Здесь нет глубокого сюжета и скрытой философии. Но яркая, увлекательная, веселая игра с уникальной атмосферой и новаторским подходом к законам жанра заслуживает оваций. И, конечно же, повторного прохождения.
87 (Sep 30, 2005)
Auf dem PC hat mich das Spiel nun auch dank der traumhaften Optik in seinen Bann gesogen. Die actionreichen und eingängigen Kämpfe machen einfach großen Spaß und die Geschichte wird spannend erzählt. Schade nur, dass selbst mit den neuen Missionen von „The Lost Chapters“ die reine Spielzeit unter 10 Stunden liegt, ich hätte mich gerne noch mal ebenso lange durch die hübsche Welt Albions gekämpft. Die zahlreichen optionalen Quests und Möglichkeiten wie angeln oder heiraten haben mich allerdings ziemlich kalt gelassen, da die Qualität der Storyaufgaben zu keinem Zeitpunkt erreicht werden. Wer Fable auf der Xbox bereits durch hat, kann sich einen Neukauf allein wegen der neu hinzugekommenen „Vergessenen Kapitel“ sparen, Fans von Action-Adventures und Rollenspielen a la Gothic 2 werden mit Fable: The Lost Chapters aber einige fabelhafte Spielstunden erleben.
IGN (Sep 16, 2005)
At long last, Peter Molyneux's ambitious roleplaying game is coming home to the PC. After being announced for the PC some years back, the title was first released on the Xbox last year. It didn't quite live up to the promises made on its behalf early in its development but the action-RPG format and the importance of your choices in the game made it a real treasure on the Xbox. The competition's a bit stiffer on the PC, of course, but the PC version of the game is still a worthy addition to any action or RPG gamer's library.
Fable is een s[el met erg veel verbeelding dat genoeg unieke momenten bevat om het uit de massa op te lichten. Er is humor, drama en spanning, hoewel er best wat meer hoogtepunten in het spel mochten. Het spel struikelt hier en daar ook over platgetreden clichés, maar op het einde van de rit vergeven we dat Fable: The Lost Chapters graag. Hoeveel tijd je ook met dit spel doorbrengt, het is een ervaring die je niet snel zal vergeten.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Sep 28, 2005)
Liefhebbers van RPG's die houden van actie, en vice versa, kunnen zich naar hartelust uitleven in de levendige wereld van Albion. Klasse!
PC Powerplay (Oct, 2005)
Was mir bei Black & White 2 einen Heidenspaß macht, lässt mich auch bei Fable am Ball bleiben. Die Freiheit, so herzensgut oder so bitterböse zu sein, wie ich gerade möchte. Hinzu kommt die detailreich gestaltete Fantasywelt, die es schafft, ebenso knuffig wie erwachsen daherzukommen. Umso schlimmer, dass mein Abenteuer so schnell wieder vorbei ist. Zehn Stunden sind mir für ein Rollenspiel einfach zu wenig. Da lebe ich gerade meinen Charakter, und schon stehe ich vor dem Endgegner. Wiederspielwelt hin oder her: Ich will einen Nachfolger. An die Arbeit, sonst werde ich so böse wie mein Held!
GameSpot (Sep 16, 2005)
Fable is an imaginative game that's got enough remarkable, unique moments in it to make it shine.
86 (Oct 04, 2005)
If it had been launched directly to the PC, Fable might have become one of the greatest games in history, because the potential was there and the early previews stand testament to the designer’s intentions. Not the Fable is a bad game, far from it, but I just can’t help feeling a little sad, thinking of what might have been. Maybe Fable 2, which rumor has it is already in development for Xbox 360, will correct these mistakes and do justice to Peter Molyneaux’s original vision. Until then, I strongly recommend you to try out Fable and experience a world very different from what you’ve seen before. And remember… Oblivion is coming.
85 (Sep 23, 2005)
Der Hype hat ein Jahr nach Xbox-Veröffentlichung kaum noch Bestand und so kann Fable The Lost Chapters auf dem PC all seine Stärken ausspielen, ohne sich großartig Gedanken um das „Was-Wäre-Wenn“ machen müssen, das seinerzeit noch die Konsolen-Fassung gequält hat. Und dann bleibt ein überdurchschnittliches Action-RPG, das mit seiner umfangreichen Charakter-Entwicklung, hübsch anzusehenden (aber durchaus gefräßigen) Optik und vielen netten Kleinigkeiten abseits der linearen Geschichte nicht nur angesichts der diesjährigen Rollenspiel-Flaute in keiner RPG-Sammlung fehlen sollte. Die neuen Inhalte sind zwar nicht die absolute Erfüllung, verlängern die Spieldauer jedoch erheblich, so dass auch die immer noch vorhandenen Schwächen selbst nach einem Jahr nicht mehr so stark ins Gewicht fallen. Da zudem die Umsetzung auf Rechenknechte mit Ausnahme der Zielerfassung nahezu vorbildlich gelungen ist, haben sich die verlorenen Kapitel von Fable auch hier den Gold-Award redlich verdient.
85 (Oct 10, 2005)
found this game extremely fun, with the added content giving me new life to delve into the world of Fable again with a renewed vigor. The new zones and monsters are fun and the added quests add flavor. I HIGHLY recommend The Lost Chapters to anyone who has not played the original. This is the game that should have been released last year, not the original. If you already have Fable, or played it, I can’t say I would recommend running out and buying it again. But rent it, for sure. If you really enjoyed Fable, it may be great for you. But, in my opinion, this is the game that should have been released, so those of you who have never played Fable, The Lost Chapters is a must have.
Fable is a very easy game to pick up - good-looking and very playable. It was certainly extremely enjoyable, and quite funny. Like I mentioned earlier, it's not really a challenging game for hardcore gamers, but it's certainly a fun game for anyone. Rushing through the main story line will take you 15 hours at best, but there are plenty of optional entertainments to keep you occupied along the way.
JustPressPlay (Oct 13, 2005)
Fable: The Lost Chapters is a wonderful game to experience,especially if you never had the chance to play Fable on the Xbox. Idon’t find it worthy of a purchase if you have played the originalFable, there just aren’t enough additions to make that economicallyfeasible. You could run through the original Fable in about 10 hours ifyou kept to the basic quests and skipped over the side ones. With thefew added quests at the end of The Lost Chapters, that only gets pushedto maybe, 12 hours. You’ll also notice more items, weapons, spells, andsome character interaction. If you happen to be anal and wish to getall you can out of a game, Fable can easily be stretched to 20 hours,making it a nice play. So if you’ve never played Fable, this is one game that’s worthplaying as it does make for a remarkable experience. While it is verylinear, the presentation and controls more than make up for it.
Game Over Online (Sep 19, 2005)
Big Blue Box and Microsoft teamed up to release Fable for the Xbox in September of 2004. Now, one year later, Lionhead Studios (which owns Big Blue Box, and is therefore roughly the same developer) has created a stand-alone expansion pack for the game called Fable: The Lost Chapters. Like all expansion packs, The Lost Chapters adds more stuff for you to do, including a new last act for the game, but the most interesting thing about it is that it is available for the PC as well as the Xbox. This review covers the PC version of The Lost Chapters, and it is mainly aimed at PC owners who might not know much about the game, but I?ll also try to indicate what?s new in the game, so you Xbox owners can get something out of the review as well.
Fable may not have reached the lofty heights of Molyneux's original vision, but the result is still a hugely amusing and entertaining way to fritter away the hours. If you're looking for a highly polished RPG in which to exorcise your inner demons (and kick defenceless farmyard animals), Fable tells the right story.
Playback (Nov, 2005)
W ukłonie skierowanym do programistów Lionhead wspomnę, że czas przygotowywania konwersji przyniósł nam, użytkownikom komputerów osobistych kilka nowych potworów, lokacji i misji, które uatrakcyjniają i ubarwiają chwile spędzone u boku ich produkcji. Kończąc powiem, że wysmażono nam jeden z najlepszych action rpgów w ogóle! Zabrakło mu troszkę wyniosłości, tajemnicy i nie spełniono wielu obietnic. Gdyby tak wiele nie zapowiadano, zapewne nie miałbym teraz poczucia niedosytu. Nie mniej Fable kupić warto! Cd Projekt już na początku przyszłego roku wyda ją w pełni zlokalizowanej wersji i życzę sobie, aby głosy aktorów brzmiały tak fantastycznie, jak w oryginale! Mocna piątka i prośba do Molyneuxa- Niech część druga przyniesie obiecaną rewolucję, bo jak nie ...
GameCity (Dec 02, 2005)
Mit Fable: the Lost Chapters erwartet euch ein grundsolides Adventure, mit fantastischer Stimmung und Atmosphäre. Ihr werdet riesigen Spass haben die Wälder und Verliesse von Albion zu erkunden. Leider hat man euch für dieses Unterfangen zu wenig Material geliefert. Die Hauptmission ist für geübte Spieler nach wenigen Stunden zu Ende. Zum Glück gibt es die Möglichkeit, sich danach noch als Held zu beweisen. Insgesamt hält der Titel was er verspricht und wird euch sicher köstlich unterhalten.
Game Watcher (Oct 03, 2005)
Considering every factor, this is a game well worth playing. It's perfect for a rookie in the genre, and can offer quite a bit of entertainment for the average RPG player. Its replay value makes it even more worth while, but considering the initial length of the game, that replay value is nullified and amounts to the game time an average game would be played. My own personal opinion is that this game should not be skipped, weather you like RPG's or not.
PC Action (Oct 19, 2005)
Als lieber Junge habe ich im Gegensatz zu Finster-Kollege Iscitürk einen herzensguten Helden gezockt und hatte einen Heidenspaß. Trotzdem war mir Fable etwas zu linear. Ständig nur auf relativ vorgegebenen Pfaden zu wandeln, ist für erkundungsverwöhnte PC-Rollenspieler etwas dürftig. Genau wie die vermurkste Steuerung. Erstaunlich: Das mindert den ansonsten reichhaltigen Spielspaß kaum. Und jetzt entschuldigen Sie mich bitte, ich möchte auch mal meine dunkle Seite erforschen.
Just Adventure (Nov 07, 2005)
Fable: The Lost Chapters is the PC version of the Xbox-only release of Fable. Fable is a role-playing adventure game (RPG), where you can become a character of great evil or great good and anywhere in between. Like a traditional RPG, Fable has a series of quests. The difference is the twist on the quests, which can be for good or evil. The choice of quest directly changes the alignment of the character and the responses of the non-player character population to the hero avatar of the game. You can play as a fighter, archer or magic user or all three.
82 (Oct 05, 2005)
Fable: The Lost Chapters is a game by the hand of Peter Molyneux - you know; the guy with the grand visions. Even before the release of Black & White 2, he found the time to patch up the old Xbox version of the game. You can read what he made of it right here.
GameSpy (Nov 07, 2005)
Fable: The Lost Chapters is almost (but still not quite) the game Lionhead should have released a year ago, and anyone that was hoping the PC version might add all those "missing" features of yore will be mighty disappointed to discover the new stuff is roughly equivalent to one of Bioware's professionally designed but baby-sized Neverwinter Nights modules. But if you approach The Lost Chapters looking for beautiful scenery and a good ol' fantasy yarn, it could be the RPG you get for the holidays. If you already played the original version on Xbox, it's tough to recommend padding Microsoft's pockets again, but noobs will probably get their dollar's worth. No, it won't keep you busy until Oblivion hits next year, but you may find your RPG craving sated, just the same.
Factornews (Oct 26, 2005)
Une adaptation réussie avec des beaux graphismes, un peu ternie par un contrôle du personnage hasardeux qui oblige au corps à corps à jouer de façon inélégante, en abusant des potions de vie. Mais au final le jeu m'a bien plu et m'a fait oublier (temporairement) World of Warcraft, c'est ce qui compte.
TTGamer (Oct 03, 2005)
Any fan of the RPG genre will agree that a great RPG keeps you immersed in its virtual fantasy world for extended amounts of time because of its open world and dynamic environments, usually found online. Unfortunately, while Fable: TLC does feature a nice open ended single player experience, you're likely going to be done with the game entirely once you've finished it. The bottom line is, even despite the fact it is a console port, Fable: TLC is still a great all-round RPG on a platform which has had its far share of great RPG's - just don't expect it to be little more than a short term distraction.
This remains a solid choice for Xbox-impaired gamers who are hoping to get on the Fable boat, but with the exact same game coming out on the 'Box in a month or two, waiting for that seems the better use of dollar bills.
Video Game Talk (Dec 16, 2005)
Just like the original on the Xbox, The Lost Chapters is a fantastic RPG that offers up a lot of experimentation and fun. Unfortunately it still doesn't live up to the pre-release hype that surrounded it and the game is disappointingly short and limited in range. While it lasts though it's a great experience that is great for first time subscribers but not so much for repeat visitors. The graphic and sound departments are stellar and even though there are a few flaws you'll be impressed. Highly Recommended
80 (Sep 26, 2005)
Que voici une belle adaptation PC d'un excellent jeu Xbox. Crier au scandale à cause d'un manque certain de liberté serait idiot tant la forme et le fond sont peaufinés pour offrir au joueur une expérience inoubliable. Des problèmes d'installation ternissent le tableau mais alors que l'arrivée de patches devrait résoudre rapidement ces soucis (du moins on l'espère), Fable The Lost Chapters reste en l'état une valeur sûre d'autant que les bonus de cette version, dont un chapitre inédit, sont de la pure valeur ajoutée. Si vous avez l'âme d'un aventurier, si votre coeur vibre à l'évocation de grandes épopées fantastiques, arrêtez-vous un instant et prenez le temps de parcourir les lignes constituant la fable dont vous êtes le héros.
Gamestyle (Germany) (Sep 11, 2005)
Die unzähligen Quests, die wunderschöne Fantasywelt und das einzigartige Gesinnungssystem machen aus dem Spiel etwas Besonderes, was sich kein Rollenspiel-Fan entgehen lassen sollte. Zudem läd es zum mehrmaligen Durchspielen ein, da Ihr das Spiel, durch das Gut und Böse System, auf mehreren Wegen lösen könnt. Minuspunkte gibt es allerdings in der Steuerung, die besonders, was die Menüführung angeht, ziemlich unkomfortabel ist. Die Grafik und der Sound können sich wirklich sehen lassen, jedoch stören die vielen Ladezeiten bei den Gebietswechseln, die allerdings zu verschmerzen sind.
GamesRadar (Apr 27, 2006)
There's a lot to like about Fable, but at the same time, it's not all it could have been. The story is tightly linear, so it's hard to make your character's tale your own. The aging thing is a cool gimmick, but your childhood and adolescence are over in the first hour of the game, and age has no impact on your abilities. You can get married… but what for? And the story is pretty short - for that reason, it's probably only worth your money if you're planning on playing through twice.
PC Games (Germany) (Sep 26, 2005)
Dass der ganze Freiheitsfirlefanz bloß heiße Luft ist, weil er spielerisch nichts bringt als Ärger mit der Steuerung - ich hab´s erst zum Schluss begriffen, als ich schon zehn Stunden fasziniert war von diesem eigenartigen Rollenspiel. Die Handschrift von Molyneux steckt wahrlich in jeder Programmzeile: Man stapft mit offenem Mund durch die Welt, probiert Dinge aus, beobachtet gebannt die Auswirkungen des eigenen Charakters - und vergisst über all dem Glanz, wie erschreckend simpel dieses Action-Rollenspiel gestrickt ist. Den eigentlichen Spielablauf, ein kontextloses Monsterklopfen, könnte ich nämlich auch auf einem Bierdeckel erklären ...
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Sep 20, 2005)
Ahhhh Fable, Lionhead’s RPG in which every action has a consequence; where choices shape the central character’s life whether for good or evil; the ultimate RPG???
GameDaily (Sep 16, 2005)
Fable makes its way from the Xbox to the PC, bringing its Lost Chapters with it. This game has a great deal of extra content piled on top of the already great gameplay. The controls have been well adapted to the PC and the graphics have been upgraded, so it doesn't even feel like a port.
80 (UK) (Sep 23, 2005)
Too many games forget to be playful. All too often they're over-serious, po-faced, or just don't get the joke. They're the kind of game that it's easy to laugh at behind its back. Come to think of it, they're quite often the games that lead us to bash the fantasy genre unfairly: because they really don't get why we find them pompous and embarrassing.
Daily Game (Sep 19, 2005)
Welcome (or welcome back) to the land of Albion! It’s a charming place to cause a ruckus if you so desire. You’ll find lots of interesting things to do and characters to meet if you look for them, or you can just get drunk, throw on a dress and run through town showing everyone your trophies.
3DAvenue (Oct 03, 2005)
After the original Fable was released on the Xbox by MSGames, it received differing receptions - some gamers considered it a disappointment while others enjoyed its cartoonish and yet spooky take of the RPG genre. While I personally didn't sway to either opinion due to the fact I missed out on the Xbox release, its approach to the PC platform still had me intrigued and interested despite my unfamiliarity - similar to how I viewed Halo PC. However, just like Halo, the PC gamers had to wait a while, and now that Fable: TLC is finally here, a similar reception seen with its Xbox predecessor will likely occur - some gamers will love it, while others probably not as much.
FiringSquad (Sep 21, 2005)
Where the game falls short is in not providing enough for the player to do, so its lack of depth becomes apparent. In the GTA titles the player was kept too busy to worry about the limitations of the world; in Fable there aren’t nearly as many options or missions. The storyline is also poorly crafted though engaging with its chilling touches of darkness.
GameStar (Germany) (Sep, 2005)
Ich kann mich mit Fable nicht anfreunden. Wieso ist die Grafik so grobpolygonig? Warum lädt das Spiel ständig nach? Albion wirkt nicht wie eine Welt, sondern eine Ansammlung von Levels, die nicht mal sonderlich abwechslungsreich aufgebaut ist. Und das simple Lauf-um-den-Gegner-und-hau-drauf-bis-er-tot-ist-Kampfsystem lässt mir kaum taktische Möglichkeiten. Originelle Waffen und Gegenstände sind Mangelware. Schade, das Individualisieren des Charakters ist eine nette Idee. Nur darf so was nie der Kern des Spiels sein. Vor der Kür kommt die Pflicht.
75 (Sep 28, 2005)
S’atteler à tester un jeu issu du monde obscur et peu attrayant de la Xboîte est exercice difficile pour un pur joueur pc. Il arrive cependant que certains transfuges de la dite console méritent notre attention, et Fable – The Lost Chapters en fait partie, d’autant que le nom à rallonge est là pour nous signaler qu’il ne s’agit pas ici d’une simple conversion du Fable original, mais bien d’une version propre à nos machines. Le soft de Microsoft porte bien son nom. S’y plonger vous propulsera dans un monde résolument différent de ce que vous avez pu connaître en matière d’action-rpg (type Morrowind), avec les bons (très bons !) et les mauvais côtés que l’on peut imaginer, comme nous allons le voir tout de suite.
Fable: The Lost Chapters is equally as good on the Xbox as it is on the PC. It's certainly one of the best RPGs out there and there's no doubt that some novices will consider it the best RPG they've ever played. If you're looking for some action in a RPG then Fable is definitely the way to go.
Gamekult (Sep 27, 2005)
Fable fait partie. Alors certes, l'histoire ne surprend pas, la quête principale s'avère linéaire, l'interface pourra poser des problèmes à certains et on aurait aimé plus de variété ou tout du moins plus d'originalité dans les armes et objets à acquérir. Mais, au final, nous voilà face à un titre incontournable pour les amateurs du genre, à découvrir et à redécouvrir, auquel on ne peut que pardonner certains défauts tant il regorge de qualités. Cette version "director's cut" adoucit également certains défauts en ajoutant beaucoup d'éléments, en rallongeant un peu la durée de vie et certaines possibilités : on ne saurait s'en plaindre. Pour ceux qui ont encore à découvrir le titre des frères Carter, nul doute que cette version PC est de loin la meilleure.
1UP (Oct 12, 2005)
The ethical trappings are only part of a larger issue, though. A lot of Fable's additional content--including houses for sale, marriages to pursue, and lots of table games to wager on--is never really the focus of your actions. It's easy to glaze over a lot of it without even really noticing the additional depth, which results in much of the material feeling somewhat hollow and tacked on. It's a shame that much of this charm is so peripheral, as the game boasts some nice production values and a fairly solid set of mechanics (once you acclimate to the combat, that is). Then again, it comes from the mind of a designer known for overambitious, incomplete ideas. What's the moral of Fable? We aren't really sure.
Every fable has a moral--or so we've been told. Fable: The Lost Chapters, spun from the mad game-design genius of Lionhead Studios head honcho Peter Molyneux, is a different kind of that doesn't always know what it wants to be but sometimes manages to be a fun little tale in spite of itself.
eGames (Jul 30, 2007)
Trudno jest odpowiedzieć na pytanie czemu gra nie wciąga np. tak jak Gothic czy Diablo. Możliwe, że jest to wina bardzo linijnej fabuły, może systemu rozwoju naszego bohatera, a może szczegółowego i ciekawego, lecz trochę zbyt dziecinnego otoczenia. Niewątpliwie największym plusem Fable jest grafika dopracowana w najdrobniejszych szczegółach. Pewne jest też to, że Fable:The Lost Chapters zdobędzie zwolenników, aczkolwiek przeciwników również nie zabraknie.
GotNext (Dec 13, 2005)
If I were to want to test out the ultimate experience of Fable and venture through the world of Albion, I'd stay far away from the PC version and slip into the Xbox. Consequently, the original Fable is half the price of this newer copy and you'd get a guaranteed hit rather than pay fifty dollars for a couple new chapters and no real seen improvements. I loved the first go around and I enjoyed the second, but there's not enough of a difference for anybody to get excited over this extended version.