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Published by
Deep Silver
Germany flag Germany
Release Date
Nov 15, 2004
France flag France
Release Date
Dec 14, 2004
3 700046 237725
Published by
Localized by
Russia flag Russia
Release Date
Nov 03, 2005
4 607036 727367
Patch History
Nov 16, 2004
1.1 patch (German version - improved map and new party inventory)
Nov 22, 2004
1.2 patch (German version - improves performance for older graphics cards, corrects the D3DERR_INVALIDCALL problem, and addresses some menu issues)
Nov 23, 2004
1.3 patch (German version - addresses issues in the mini-map, loading save-games, gameplay and more)
Nov 25, 2004
1.4 patch (German version - addresses various crashes and some quest bugs)
Dec 07, 2004
1.5 patch (German version - adds a new mini-map, applies more gameplay tweaks, and fixes some crashes and other bugs)
Dec 22, 2004
1.6 patch (German version - adds an auto-save option, gameplay tweaks, stability enhancements, bug fixes, and more)
Jan 17, 2005
1.6.5 patch (German version - addresses compatibility issues with some nVidia graphics cards, system stability and performance, save-game problems, and several quest bugs)
Jan 19, 2005
1.6.5 patch (French version - collects a variety of improvements, gameplay tweaks and bug fixes since the French retail release)
Mar 28, 2005
1.7 patch (German patch - implements more than two dozen new features, gameplay tweaks, bug fixes and other changes)
Apr 27, 2005
1.8 patch (German version - adds two new maps with new quests and NPCs, new textures, a new music track, extensive gameplay balance tweaks, performance enhancements, bug fixes, and more)
Oct 20, 2005
1.9 patch (German version - improves facial animations, further optimizes performance, adds enemy, items and weapon tweaks, and fixes all known bugs)
May 18, 2006
1.10 patch (German version - implements dialog improvements, plenty of gameplay tweaks, better NPC textures, interface enhancements, a new sort function, and other changes)

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