The Fall: Mutant City Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu (in German)
Starting the game and suffering of thirst
Examining the vehicle's interior (in German)
Drinking a water (in German)
Breaking the city's barrier
Survival Guide (in German)
Entering the city (in German)
Caught by guardians of Mutant gang (in German)
Meeting Henry Leicester (in German)
Selecting the question to ask (in German)
In Leicester's hideout
Visiting the factory
On the upper stage of the factory
Guardian is patrolling the bridge
Guardian was eliminated
Examining the inventory (in German)
Reaching the ladder with the hook
Speaking with Dullens in his hideout (in German)
Talking to intercom (in German)
Ready to kill the follower
Shooting Allison with tranquilizer
Henry Leicester interrogates Allison Stern (in German)
One of Leicester's soldiers (in German)
Moving the locker with Allison
Reading the secret message (in German)
Talking with Allison in the park (in German)
Allison Stern's close-up (in German)
You are about to kill the guard while Allison is seducing him (in German)
Ready to kill a guard
Leicester arrived the factory with his goons (in German)
Hiding behind the trashcans (in German)
Making a plan (in German)
In follower's outfit (in German)
Watching the video uncovering the prophet's identity
Visiting the Prophet (in German)
Examining the plan (in German)
Trying to open the safe (in German)
Allison is glad that the safe is open (in German)
Desert is waiting for you (in German)