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Fallout 2 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen / Main Menu
Character creation screen
Perks and skills
Loading screen
Game options
Watch out for giant bugs infesting the temple
Talking to the village elder
This bridge looks sturdy enough to cross
Some cars are beyond repair
Analyzing enemy's weak points
Time to place your bets
This casino looks well guarded
Local tavern
Checking your skills.
Setting your character's disposition
Harold didn't get better since Fallout 1, but at least he's still alive
This looks like a statement
Some dialogue choices are downright hilarious
World map
You are limited to how many you can carry with you
Something strange is afoot in the wasteland
Hanging out
Reactor 5
God of the Rats! God of the Rats I tell you! NARF!
The Enclave at last. Time to kick bubblegum and chew... well, you know what I mean.
The Guardian of Forever, one of many special encounters you find
It looks like somebody ran out of bubblegum
Good or Evil, it's all up to you
Inside a casino in New Reno
Sex, Drugs and Pornography reign in New Reno (not to mention its-only-a-game pop culture references)
Beware the Hub!
Firefight in the Den
Boxing in New Reno
Easter Eggs abound
Gotta love a woman who takes charge of the situation.
Getting married shotgun style, with the game's entire party-NPC cast on my side of the aisle
Really big four-way battle
Everybody's Kung Fu fighting in San Francisco
The Brotherhood of Steel!
Now where have I heard those names before?
Battle against Melchoir, the Master of the Super Duper Mutants
The Cafe of Broken Dreams, and some familiar faces from the past
The Chosen One meets the Vault Dweller's humongous head
Confronting Darion, the last of the Khans
A talking deathclaw. How... odd.
Frank Horrigan slaughters the inhabitants of Vault 13
Matt of the Brother of Steel confronts Frank Horrigan
The Chosen One vs. Frank Horrigan