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Fallout 3: Mothership Zeta Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The crashed alien scout in the Capital Wastes
Um... what are you going to do with that?
You're placed in a cell with another abductee.
Well, that's enough to convince me I need to escape.
Overpowered the guards and took their shock baton.
An alien control room.
Got some bigger firepower.
Grab a space suit and go for a walk outside.
Teleporting more abductees to your level.
Sally is a little girl who's been on the ship for a while, and knows all the secret passages.
Ruined Earth from a different view.
New alien trinkets.
Trading alien disruptor fire.
Frying aliens in VATS.
Devastating cannon-style weapon.
An abducted samurai joins your party.
The warp effect means this alien has shields.
Uh-oh... there's more than one ship!
Defeated the second ship.
I don't think the aliens are going to be happy about this one.
Alien worm food (yuck)
You will find some companions in cryogenic sleep
Aliens experimenting with human bodies
Cryogenic storage
A smaller UFO in hangar area
Guardian drone
Waste disposal area
Holding the drone cannon
Nice use of smoke effect
Alien shooting range in weapons lab
You can re-visit the Mothership (although just a few rooms of it) after you complete the DLC by using this beacon