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Fallout 3: Point Lookout Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

A riverboat arrives near the Jefferson Memorial.
The riverboat captain offers to take you to a place called Point Lookout.
Point Lookout's dilapidated pier.
The boardwalk has seen better days.
A broken Ferris wheel, which acts as a decent landmark.
Panada is one of the few merchants in the area.
Old motel off the pier. One of the few things still standing.
This corpse unlocks a quest about a pre-war undercover agent.
Looks a bit like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.'s landscapes at night.
Making our way through bubbling tar pits.
The locals look a bit... inbred.
And they're not too fond of outsiders, either.
Calvert Mansion. They say it's haunted.
A grumpy ghoul named Desmond. Is he a friend or foe?
Point Lookout's lighthouse.
An execution on the way to the mines. Doesn't look welcoming.
A cathedral, complete with local cult. One of the major quests starts here.
Even out here, feral ghouls are still a nuisance.
This antiquated detention camp still has active defenses!
The swamps in the middle of Point Lookout's new area.
Found a shack... and some friends...
We're sporting a discovered Confederate officer's cap.
Blackhall Manor interior
Hey cowboy, how about ghoul hunting?
Lone Wanderer is having hallucinations
Lone Wanderer will get a scar after a certain ritual
Inside the submerged Chinese submarine
The cave under an old cemetery
A talking brain
Microwave emitter
Some kind of ritual in progress
Some ghouls and a swamplurk queen locked in a basement
During one side quest you may want to return to Capital Wasteland and search for one specific stone pillar...
Ruzka the wonder bear - almost twice as big as other yao guai