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Fallout 3 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Vault 101 - Your home
Loading screen
Create your character.
Daddy calls you.
Choose your skill points allocation.
Surprise party!
The Pip-Boy 3000 - the most important tool during your journey.
I thought I skipped school to play Fallout 3 instead...
Welcome to the world of tomorrow.
Your decisions in the multiple choice dialogues are as important as your guns.
Player, meet a fully functional Atomic Bomb.
Picking a lock - obviously.
Hacking a computer - and yes, I didn't know what I had to do the first time either.
And the grenade makes BOOOOM!
The V.A.T.S. in action.
My pip-boy collection. Each one gives you special bonuses or perks.
Sitting on the ... hhm...
The rather spectacular Rivet City
Killing Super Mutants has never been this fun (or easy).
A massive communist-killing machine
There's no lack of dark humour in Fallout 3.
Clumsy robot
Your (well, my) character at age 16
Dog; paused in VATS
Deathclaws are extremely dangerous.
Scouting Old Olney.
Sneaking through enemy lines.
VATS; before
Destroying robots with their own weapons.
Megaton, a city built around a nuclear bomb.
Many of the quests require thought rather than firepower.
You can hide from dangers of wasteland in Pulowski Shelter.
Searching for the UFOs.
Yes, there are green trees in this dumped world.
Meet Harold, our old friend from previous Fallout games.
Dual monitor view (FOV 60).
A Mirelurk is crawling out of the water, I'm already waiting for him.
You've got a nice overview from up here.
That Super Mutant Behemoth is huge, but I've got a huge weapon...
Exploring Pennsylvania Avenue