Fallout: New Vegas - Lonesome Road Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Another arrow of apocalypse on its way to target.
Power of a nation.
You can launch this beauty
What target have you chosen?
Its still feels like the war just had ended.
Lifeless irradiated streets.
The future doesn't look too bright
Overlooking the Divide.
Dead city.
Walking such damaged runway is a suicide.
Is he at peace now?
Military supply depot. Many crates still have their deadly cargo.
Minigun in action.
Entrance into the missile silo.
You can drink this, but the water is all radioactive here.
Many buildings still have some things from the old world.
Underground nuclear detonations cracked the earth, making buildings fall to the bottom.
Sniping marked men.
Humans trapped here had become marked med - skinless and ghoulish.
10mm shoulder machine gun in action.
Finding the way through tons of concrete.
The ruins are often radioactive
Old Autodoc is the only one way to get medical services in Divide if you ran out of med supplies.
Utilizing ED's ability to hack.
ED would be your companion.