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Great action game, but a little rough on the edges. Scytale (42) 4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars
Good idea, awful implementation dorian grey (251) 1.86 Stars1.86 Stars1.86 Stars1.86 Stars1.86 Stars
Far Cry 2 may be a sequel only in name, but it is still a fun action game. Kaddy B. (796) 3.29 Stars3.29 Stars3.29 Stars3.29 Stars3.29 Stars
Smile, show my your teeth, then I'll shoot em into splinters! Thekwane Black (34) 3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars
Great idea. Not so well used. Jarochaf (12) 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars
Only a sequel by name Wormspinal (638) 0 Stars0 Stars0 Stars0 Stars0 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.5
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.5
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.3
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.6
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.1
Overall User Score (58 votes) 3.5

Critic Reviews

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GameLemon (Feb 09, 2009)
So, at the end of it all, Far Cry 2 isn't the Prester John of all FPS that it promised to be. It's good. Very, very good. But even though it's a huge step in the right direction, it's not likely to become that perfect game you will treasure and replay. It's less an African Queen, more of a Prince Consort: good-looking, capable, but not quite the king.
3D Juegos (Oct 22, 2008)
Far Cry 2 no es un juego para todo el mundo, y tampoco es perfecto. Requiere tiempo y dedicación; algunos se frustrarán con los largos viajes en coche –evitables-, y a otros quizá se les atragante su excesiva libertad. Sin embargo las escasas objeciones que se le puedan poner palidecen ante sus virtudes jugables. El videojuego es técnicamente impecable, ofrece un multijugador muy interesante y está dotado de una campaña que debería figurar en el diccionario al lado de las palabras intensidad e inmersión.
Cheat Code Central (Oct, 2008)
It's a common assumption that the big kid in the sandbox is Grand Theft Auto and that shooters aren't welcome to play. Far Cry 2 kicks up the sand and shows what a great development team is capable of – delivering an engaging world that puts choice of play at the forefront. Direction is sometimes a developer's worst enemy, tempting them always to restrict the player. By adopting a laissez faire attitude to player discretion, Ubisoft has crafted a brilliant follow-up.
PC Gamer UK (Oct 21, 2008)
After playing Far Cry 2, I'm simply unable to go back to straight and simple first-person shooters. This game has executed my expectations. Would you, could you, go back to games with similar gunfights as this, but along a more rigid axis? I think your own expectations are going to rise dramatically. And I think you really should play this game.
91 (Oct 23, 2008)
Technisch über jeden Zweifel erhaben, konnte mich Far Cry 2 vor allem wegen der tollen Kämpfe überzeugen, bei denen Physikeffekte wie Wind und Feuer endlich nicht mehr nur Eye-Candy, sondern wirklich relevant sind. Aber auch die grandiose KI sowie der interessante Ansatz, dass man seine Story komplett selbst schreiben kann, haben mich beeindruckt. Einzig sich ständig mit immer wieder neu belebten Außenposten herumschlagen zu müssen, wenn man doch "nur" zu seinem nächsten Missionsziel will, nervten auf Dauer. Aber da bin ich einfach mal nachlässig, denn es ist definitiv der bisher heißeste Shooter des Jahres.
90 (Oct 20, 2008)
Far Cry 2 è un gioco veramente tosto e difficile, molto lungo e vario, pieno di bivi e di scelte da affrontare. L'impianto non lineare del tutto viene esaltato dai differenti approcci disponibili, capaci di esaltare tutti i tipi di giocatore. Alcune radicali scelte di gameplay lo rendono un gioco atipico di questi tempi, un vero osso duro, con i primi momenti che possono lasciare perplessi e in preda alla frustrazione, ma che solo con la pazienza e la dedizione possono essere superati con grande soddisfazione. A completare il tutto un sontuoso impianto grafico, con le eccellenze della fisica applicata all'ecosistema africano e una incredibile attenzione generale al dettaglio. Le uniche note stonate sono l'intelligenza artificiale, davvero altalenante e dai comportamenti talvolta assurdi, e una gestione della mappa a volte poco fruibile.
Good Game (Oct 27, 2008)
For some reason, Far Cry 2 isn’t available on Steam for Australians, but it is elsewhere. Ubisoft couldn’t say why, but the end result is we’re forced to pay double, as usual. It’s not the first time this has happened, Activision got Steam to raise the price of Call of Duty 4, just for Australians. And why do they get away with it? Because we’re happy to pay. The good news is, whether you think of Far Cry 2 as a shooter or open world game, it’s awesome. 9/10
GamesVault (Dec 14, 2008)
Z czystym sumieniem polecam grę każdemu, kto pragnie oderwać się od świata i doświadczyć prawdziwej szkoły przetrwania w nieprzyjaznym, afrykańskim klimacie. Gra może się okazać doskonałym prezentem na gwiazdkę.
JustPressPlay (Jan 12, 2009)
FarCry 2 is a gorgeously rendered and composed open-world shooter. Average enough to please die-hard shooter fans, and just original enough to please fans of action and adventure games. With micro-games tastefully dispersed through the gameplay, the repetitious quests don't have as much of an effect as they did in Assassin's Creed, but still damage the game experience. I suggest this game to any fans of shooters, or fans of the FarCry series. I give FarCry 2 a Nine out of Ten.
Bit-Tech (Oct 23, 2008)
Far Cry 2 isn’t perfect; there’s something missing here which we’re struggling to put our fingers on. It’s something emotional. Games have an enormous power to move players and that’s the one thing that Far Cry 2 doesn’t do that games like Episode Two and BioShock do manage. Far Cry 2 can make you excited and happy, but it won’t ever leave you scared or crying. It just lacks that last inch of emotional impact or philosophical pretension to take it from a truly fantastic game to an inspiring piece of craftsmanship. If we marked out of 100 then Far Cry 2 would definitely be a 95/100 score, but we don’t. We mark out of ten, and ten is a score reserved for games that go that extra mile and do something to move the genre as whole forward. Far Cry 2 just misses that target, but it should still definitely be on your ‘Must Buy’ list.
Hooked Gamers (Nov 26, 2008)
Excellent FPS games are few and far between, but Far Cry 2 fits the bill despite its shortcomings. Not only does it offer top-notch graphics and weapon selection, but it also delivers a very open and unmatched gameplay. The problems that I mentioned above are very minor when you remember that this is a first-person shooter and not a role-playing game that we are talking about. Far Cry 2 offers the best immersive open world experience that I've seen in any FPS yet. As far as the overall score goes, with engaging storytelling, this might have deserved a 10, but, as it is, the story and repetitiveness are weaknesses that just have to be taken into account.
UOL Jogos (Nov 06, 2008)
Embora seja uma continuação apenas em nome, "Far Cry 2" se mostrou uma aventura extremamente competente, longe de ser um mero caça-níqueis. Com um grande mundo aberto, repleto de personagens com agendas secretas e muito estrago a ser feito, é possível se perder por muitas horas no meio de seu conflito, desenvolvendo táticas de guerrilha ou simplesmente promovendo o caos. Embora a natureza das missões seja repetitiva e pouco inspirada, com a presença de alguns bugs, o game traz um pacote completíssimo e muito bem produzido, que se destaca bem diante da acirrada competição.
PC Games (Germany) (Oct 29, 2008)
Wer eine solch riesige Welt auf die Beine stellt, muss Kompromisse eingehen. So akzeptiere ich die Superschnell-Respawn-Lager als notwendiges Übel, lasse mich auf den Shooter ein - und genieße ein Feuerwerk der Extraklasse. Klar, Far Cry 2 ist nicht perfekt. Doofe Bugs, teils merkwürdige KI, repetitive Missionen das zehrt an einer Traumwertung jenseits der 90. Aber zusammengefasst gehört der Afrika-Shooter für mich auf eine Stufe mit Genre-Größen wie Crysis und Call of Duty 4. Die hatten auch Schwächen. Wer liebt, muss auch verzeihen können. Und ich liebe Far Cry 2.
IGN (Oct 21, 2008)
Ubisoft Montreal has done some great things with Far Cry 2; the product of putting a gigantic development staff and what must have been a gargantuan budget behind developing a new kind of first-person shooter on a new engine. The formula still needs work in terms of enemy AI, quest structure, and giving the player more to do to fill in all that open space, but as it is, it's still a standout achievement. More importantly, it has nowhere near as many bugs as something like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, a title that bears many similarities. Add to the roughly 25 hour single-player campaign a remarkably easy-to- use map creation tool and a full multiplayer suite, and you've got one of the most complete overall gaming packages of the year, as well as one of the most ambitious.
Vgames (Oct 29, 2008)

החבר'ה ביוביסופט מונטריאול עשו כמה דברים נהדרים עם פאר קריי 2, וכמה דברים קצת פחות. המשחק נוטה קצת יותר מדי לכיוון האקשן, וקצת שוכח בדרך להשקיע בעלילה ולגוון פה ושם עם אלמנטים של משחקי תפקידים. גם הנסיעות הארוכות בין משימה למשימה יכולות לשגע אתכם אחרי כמה שעות. אבל בסך הכל מדובר בתוצאה טובה, שחובבי פעולה יהנו ממנה מאוד. עם קמפיין מעולה לשחקן יחיד, המון נשקים, חופש פעולה, משחקיות סוחפת, גרפיקה משובחת, מוזיקה מקפיצה - ועוד הרבה דברים טובים, כמו האש! - אין שום סיבה שלא תצאו לפחות לסיבוב נסיון.

Far Cry 2 is een game waarin je letterlijk uren kan verdwalen, maar dat gevoel van verkenning is juist wat het zo leuk maakt. Je kan je creativiteit de vrije loop laten bij zo goed als elke missie en wordt daarvoor beloond. De buddies, upgrades, beloningen en het ecosysteem is zo goed als de speelwereld zelf, en dat zegt heel wat over deze eerstepersoonsshooter.
87 (Nov 15, 2008)
Far Cry 2 is an enjoyable and well-crafted first-person shooter, and is definitely worth some of your hard-earned cash. While not the best game out there, Far Cry 2 is most certainly one of the better ones available. If you’ve got a supercomputer, PS3 or a 360, the game is a definite buy in my book.
Far Cry 2 is a highly entertaining game which combines a very capable engine with a free roaming style environment much in the same vein as S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The AI has some minor quirks here and there but for the most part is very effective and fools you at times into believing that the guys you are fighting are as close to real people as possible. There is also long term playability with a single player campaign in the region of 25 to 30 hours and considerable options for multiplayer. Just don't be expecting to jump into the shoes of Jack Carter again and you should take something positive from the experience.
GameTrailers (Oct, 2008)
Far Cry 2 is a ruggedly good-looking game with an ambitious design and a cutthroat feel. The action is high-quality, free-roaming stuff, and the game earns major points for its smart way of dealing with getting shot up, patched up, and bailed out. The story does keep you on a leash and your objectives tend to repeat without too much variation, but if you enjoy this line of work, Far Cry 2's dangerous African landscape is a great place to be a merc.
86 PC Gaming (Nov 27, 2008)
Far Cry 2 is a very enjoyable game and has many great aspects. It has its shortcomings, but it still makes its mark as one of the best releases of the year, at this point. The graphics and setting alone make it a real stand-out, and I like the fact that Ubisoft tried to go after something a bit more unique in a genre that is known for rampant replication. Ubi may not be my favorite company, but I definitely have to recommend this game.
GamesCollection (Oct 23, 2009)
FPS che senz'altro può non piacere proprio perchè così diverso dagli altri in molte sue caratteristiche. Spietato da quasi tutti i punti di vista a mio sentire, spesso frustrante e ben poco immediato. Di difetti ce ne sono tanti, di cose che potevano venire meglio ancora molte di più. Ma in pochissimi giochi ho notato un approccio al racconto così adulto e soprattutto così poco tendente ad un certo violento autocompiacimento. Tutti brutti sporchi e cattivi, nessuno escluso, con una natura bellissima che è lì a testimoniare la mostruosa insulsa brutalità che è propria del più pericoloso degli animali: l'uomo stesso.
Good Game (Oct 27, 2008)
You’ve gotta love the healing of critical wounds, it’s hardcore. I know Ubisoft has quoted 50-100 hours of gameplay, we figure it closer to about 25-30, and that’s with side missions. 8.5/10
85 (Oct 23, 2008)
Efficace. Tel est le mot qui résume le mieux Far Cry 2. Malgré ses quelques longueurs et lourdeurs le FPS paradisiaque made in Ubisoft transforme l’essai et nous offre un plaisir de jeu réel et immédiat. Du tout bon pour tous puisque son accessibilité n’enlève rien à la difficulté du titre. Reste que de nombreux ajouts (appartenance à une faction, choix moraux, présence de civils, de fauves…) auraient renforcé encore l’immersion qui tient plus au décor et à l’ambiance qu’au réalisme et à la cohérence du soft. Sera-ce pour un Far Cry 3 ?
Gameplay (Benelux) (Oct 24, 2008)
Schitterende technologie, intense gameplay maar net iets te veel herhaling dan goed voor je is.
GameSpot (Oct 21, 2008)
Overall, Far Cry 2 is a game in which you can quite literally get lost for hours at a time. But that feeling of exploration is precisely what makes the game so much fun; your creativity never feels stifled when approaching a mission, and the game's overall structure of side tasks, friends, rewards, and upgrades is a diverse ecosystem rivaling the landscape itself. No matter whether you're a PC fan whose played through the similarly structured Crysis or a console owner new to the world of open-ended first-person shooters, you won't be disappointed by Far Cry 2.
GameStar (Germany) (Oct, 2008)
Das Spiel erinnert mich an den Verkehr in München: Durch zig Baustellen ist man gezwungen, absurde Umwege zu fahren, um Staus auszuweichen. Ersetzen Sie Baustellen und Stau durch Berge und Täler, und Sie haben die Welt von Far Cry 2. Und natürlich ist es so, dass Sie oft von Punkt A (ganz unten auf der Karte) zu Punkt B (ganz oben auf der Karte) müssen. Das ist sehr, sehr weit. Und es nervt! Ist man allerdings am Ziel, geht einem das Herz auf, solche Freude macht der Kampf gegen APR und UFLL. Die KI der Burschen ist ganz sicher mit der des ersten Far Cry auf Augenhöhe, lässt sogar mehr Spielraum beim Vorgehen in den Scharmützeln, weil die Männer in Far Cry 2 auch so etwas wie Flucht kennen. Kurz: Man kann Far Cry 2 sicher eine Menge vorwerfen, aber wenn die Savanne brennt, ist das vergessen. Zumindest zeitweise. Bis man von B (ganz oben auf der Karte) nach C (ganz woanders) muss.
81 (Oct 23, 2008)
Ich will keinen namenlosen Anführer, der in seinem Zimmer stets am Fleck steht. Ich will keine besten Kumpels, die nicht nur austauschbar wirken, sondern tatsächlich einfach ausgetauscht werden, falls sie das Zeitliche segnen. Und ich will keine Gegner, die wie festgeschweißte Stehauf-Männchen nur auf festgelegten Punkten oder Patrouille-Routen aufkreuzen. In ein Land von 50 Quadratkilometern gehören außerdem abwechslungsreiche Aufgaben sowie Zivilisten - irgendetwas, das einen lebendigen Eindruck vermittelt! Schön, dass die starken Gegner den überlegten Einsatz meiner Waffen fördern: Die Action ist zwar wenig überraschend, aber wunderbar brachial inszeniert. Es sind die knackigen Gefechte sowie das grandiose Mittendrin-Gefühl, wegen denen ich mich der Faszination Afrika einfach nicht entziehen kann. Beim nächsten Mal muss Ubisoft seinem grandiosen Schauplatz aber auch Leben einhauchen!
Game Captain (Oct 25, 2008)
Far Cry 2 schafft es nicht, die hohen Erwartungen zu erfüllen. Der Shooter erinnert mich an die Konsolenversion von Assassin's Creed, bei der man ebenfalls ewige Strecken und immer gleiche Aufgaben zu bewältigen hatte. Eine weitere Gemeinsamkeit besteht in der Darstellung einer glaubhaften Welt und die dadurch resultierende tolle Atmosphäre. Aber was nützt einem das, wenn man mehr als die Hälfte der Spielzeit damit verbringt von Ort zu Ort zu reisen und immer wieder von nervenden Wachposten aufgehalten wird, selbst wenn man für deren Fraktion eine Mission erfüllen will? Steckt man jedoch gerade in einer spannenden Hauptmission und ist man am Ziel angelangt, kann Far Cry 2 mit knallharter Action und anspruchsvollen Gefechten punkten. In diesen Momenten macht der Titel richtig Spaß, aber selten wurde soviel Potenzial einfach verschwendet. Schade.
Games Finder (May 30, 2014)
The level of realism and immersion that you’ll get from Far Cry 2 makes it one of the great open world adventures available. If you’re yet to get your first taste of the Far Cry series then the second instalment is the perfect opportunity.
Factornews (Nov 17, 2008)
FarCry 2 est avant tout un jeu d'aventure à la première personne, doté de gun-fights qui peuvent se révéler très jouissifs si le joueur s'en donne les moyens. Il faut aimer découvrir et explorer un monde ouvert et riche, se laisser emporter par un rythme nonchalant en faisant parfois preuve de patience et de persévérance : le résultat ressemble à une vraie réussite ponctuée de quelques gros défauts qui s'estompent avec les heures. Forcez-vous un peu, il se peut que vous tombiez amoureux.
80 (Oct 23, 2008)
Far Cry 2 lost niet alle verwachtingen in, maar is wel een oerdegelijke shooter met een grote vrijheid van aanpak en één van de mooiste settings ooit. Qua missieontwerp had men iets creatiever kunnen zijn, het verhaal had net wat dieper gekund en de frequente controleposten zijn ronduit irritant. Jammer, want dat weerhoudt Far Cry 2 van een hoger of zelfs dat hele hoge cijfer
G4 TV: X-Play (Oct, 2008)
Technical issues aside, Far Cry 2 is an epic (and epic-ly long) take on the first-person shooter. The setting, open word, and side quests make it feel more like a more action-oriented Grand Theft Auto, or a less ridiculous Just Cause, than the original. Which, admittedly, will annoy fans of the original (present company included). But for those who hated that game, don’t want another straight shooter, or even just liked Just Cause (present company included), Far Cry 2 is an ambitious and ultimately satisfying F.P.S. that really does offer something more.
79 (Oct 27, 2008)
Es sind wenige Sachen, die Far Cry 2 wirklich falsch macht, doch die reichen locker aus, um aus dem potenziellen Shooter des Jahres ein nur gutes Actionspiel zu machen. Es bleibt für uns unverständlich, warum die Entwickler aus der Vorlage Afrika so wenig herausgeholt haben. Statt uns die Gefahren der Tierwelt miterleben zu lassen, wartet nur an jeder Kreuzung eine Schar von Bösewichten, die wir jedes Mal erneut erledigen müssen und zwar auf die immer gleiche Art und Weise, da Schleichen kaum möglich ist. So toll die Action innerhalb der Missionen ist, so langweilig ist Far Cry 2 dazwischen. Den Autofahrten durch die Savanne fehlt es an Highlights und sie wirken gestreckt. Was bleibt ist ein optisch sehr gelungener Shooter, der die Qualität des Vorgängers bei weitem nicht erreicht (was schon eine große Enttäuschung ist). Spaß kann man in Afrika zwar durchaus haben, nur eben nicht in dem Maße, wie wir es uns vorgestellt hatten.
79 (Nov 14, 2008)
Far Cry 2 on joka tapauksessa rohkea veto Ubisoftilta. Se yrittää tuoda yhä enemmän vapautta ja uusia tuulia räiskintäpelien lajityyppiin, mutta ei valitettavasti aivan onnistu tavoitteessaan, sillä tuntuu aivan kuin peli ei osaisi päättää, ollako täysverinen hiekkalaatikkopeli vai räiskintäpeli.
YouGamers (Oct 30, 2008)
Visually impressive and ambitious but ultimately falls short of the hype. Attempts very hard to immerse you in a realistic sandbox world but fails to be anything but a simple, repetitive shooter. Driving across beautiful but lifeless world while fighting infinitely respawning enemies to complete unimaginative missions for people who all try to kill you can be summed up as beautiful but disappointing.
75 (Oct 23, 2008)
Jouer à Far Cry 2 et profiter des bons points qu'il a à offrir ne se fera pas sans accepter de s'accommoder de certaines tares. Son IA et ses trajets sans cesse interrompus par des broutilles sans intérêt et chronophages ou encore l'irritante idée de la malaria. Pourtant, l'extrême qualité de son moteur 3D en fait un ravissement pour les yeux et aide à nous plonger dans les missions primaires de Far Cry 2, celles qui laissent au joueur la possibilité d'expérimenter et d'agir à sa guise pour venir à bout des occupants des lieux. Si vous avez toujours rêvé de vous prendre pour un mercenaire en Afrique, vous trouverez sûrement votre bonheur.
Worth Playing (Nov 07, 2008)
Far Cry 2 looks and sounds great (voice acting aside), but it has some gameplay mechanics that make progression through the game world a frustrating task. Far Cry 2 overstays its welcome and then some, dumping you into a world where everyone wants you dead and it's unfortunate that the objectives become repetitive during the course of the game. It's the norm for big-budget titles to offer fewer than 10 gameplay hours, so in this area, Far Cry 2 provides excellent gameplay and replay bang for your buck. While it has several interesting features, Far Cry 2 is not going to reinvent the FPS genre, but if leaving a trail of bodies in your wake is what you're craving, look no further.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Oct 23, 2008)
Far Cry 2 är tyvärr inte det mästerverk som jag hade väntat mig. Det är ett hysteriskt omfattande, spelmässigt detaljerat och ambitiöst actionspel proppat med innehåll. Vad som däremot drar ned betyget är fiendernas usla artificiella intelligens, alla tröttsamma transportsträckor och de enformiga eldstriderna. En sjua blir det, en svag sådan.
Game Over Online (Nov 17, 2008)
Some games grow on you the more you play them, as you get used to the little idiosyncrasies and learn to appreciate the finer points. Far Cry 2 is at the opposite end of the spectrum, a game that makes it harder and harder for you to like it by placing more and more junk between you and its best features. No doubt all done with the best of intentions, in the name of open world game design and player freedom, but that doesn’t change the result—a pretty decent shooter that forces you into tedious repetition rather than immersing you in an exciting adventure. The tools are there for an above average game, and in those moments when they all come together it can be spectacular, but there’s just too much in the way to ever really enjoy the whole package.
Gamereactor (Finland) (Oct 24, 2008)
Far Cry 2:n suurin ansio on rohkeus. Tekijät ovat uskaltaneet jättää kerralla suuren osan räiskintäperinteistä sikseen ja lähteneet tekemään nykyaikaista peliä melkein puhtaalta pöydältä. Tekniset puitteet ovat hyvät, mutta ideoinnissa ollaan vielä puolitiessä. Pelistä puuttuu se jonkin, joka toisi kokemukseen merkitystä tai edes kipeästi kaivattua vaihtelua. Ehkä peliin olisi pitänyt sisällyttää joitakin käsikirjoitettuja huippukohtia, suuria joukkotaisteluita taistelutovereiden kera, edes osittain pelaajasta riippumatta tapahtuvia asioita tai ehkä pelimaailman pitäisi muuttua pelin aikana edes vähän. Joka tapauksessa Far Cry 2 jättää jälkeensä vain lohduttoman tunteen silmittömästä väkivallasta, mitä ei pelin aihepiirin huomioiden voine pitää ihan huonona saavutuksena.
DarkZero (Nov 01, 2008)
However, with long hikes involved just to start a mission, the fact you have to put up with substandard hand-me-down guns for the first few hours of the game - until you can buy something better. Substandard AI which swings from Terminator-like proficiency to something resembling a Carry On film, and missions which border on monotony, it falters in just enough places to make you think before you hand over your money.
Gamekult (Oct 24, 2008)
Lâché en plein coeur de l'Afrique avec pas grand-chose de plus qu'une carte et une machette pour survivre, le joueur de Far Cry 2 découvrira effectivement un terrain de jeu ouvert et étendu, où chaque faction propose des missions à remplir en dézinguant tout ce qui passe. Dommage que chacune de ces affectations se résume finalement à tout faire sauter sans trop réfléchir, et que de trop longues promenades en voiture servent de ponctuation dans une Afrique où tout le monde est notre ennemi. Pas vraiment un sans faute, donc, mais un titre plus intéressant que prévu qui pourrait donner naissance à une série aussi ambitieuse que prometteuse.
GameSpy (Oct 21, 2008)
All told, Far Cry 2 has a lot to offer. If you can bear some of the repetition in between missions, the missions themselves are a blast. The environment is among the most compelling ever put on a screen this year. And multiplayer is strong. Far Cry 2 may not live up to its full potential, but there's a lot here to enjoy regardless.
GamingExcellence (May 25, 2009)
So long as you only play the game in small bursts, Far Cry 2 is an interesting experience. Sneaking around, killing enemies with a variety of weapons and setting up explosive traps on the fly are a whole lot of fun. But the respawning enemies are a serious issue since they're so damnable difficult to kill or even evade. If Ubisoft released a patch that decreased the enemy respawn rate to a few times per in-game day then playability would increase nearly ten-fold. However that's not likely to happen so be mindful of this problem when deciding whether or not to purchase this title.
The first few moments of Far Cry 2 give you a taste of what promises to be an involving, exciting, amazing-looking game, but the developer fails to deliver on that promise, offering instead repetitive, unimaginative gameplay. If the same attention to detail found in the graphics and sound had been used in the rest of the game, Far Cry 2 would definitely be a major achievement in PC gaming, but as it is, it’s merely an ordinary box wrapped in a pretty bow.
Absolute Games ( (Oct 30, 2008)
Ubisoft Montreal не экономила на Far Cry 2. В прошлом году компания отправила в Африку целую бригаду сотрудников, дабы те записали звуковые эффекты, набрали материал для колоритных текстур и прониклись духом «Сердца тьмы». Судя по роликам, приключение вышло незабываемым. Жаль, что игре не досталось и десятой доли тех впечатлений.
Gaming since 198x (Nov 23, 2008)
Far Cry 2 est un jeu à double tranchant, d'un côté, il est long répetitif et trop facile, de l'autre, si on prend le temps de s'y pencher, il remplacera agréablement un safari photo en Afrique