Far Cry 2 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen.
Main Menu
Choose your character.
Loading Screen
Looks like a nice day in Africa.
The journal with all the important information.
The map and your GPS phone - the most important survival tools.
Need to wait till dark? Just turn the clock forward...
The day passes by while the player sleeps in the save house.
Scouting a camp and marking the enemies on the map.
Save here.
Some reckless driving - fun times!
Repairing the car.
If you get lost in Africa - it's not because you don't have enough tools available.
Buying some guns through the computerized store system.
Your buddies who give you tips for missions and other help.
Diamonds - the only currency worth a damn.
It wasn't me! I swear!
My health is so low, that I've to cut out the bullets to prevent dying.
A nice spot for a little bit of fishing - or sneaking up on enemies.
The map editor is fairly easy to understand.
Inside Mike's bar.
Far Cry 2 benchmark.
A pill a day keeps malaria away.
Read this or die.
Firing the car's turret.
Top of the Fortress.
Found some gold bars.
Nice sunset in Africa.
The bazooka is a very powerful weapon.
faction leaders give you main missions
and your friends, "buddies," give you alternative ways of solving them
don't get too attached to your friends; inevitably, terrible things happen to them
Modern game design helping us play games under influence: signs color to lead you
sniping is very efficient
in fc2, you are the only predator
the graphics are okay, but that's about it. Overall it's very brown
stalking through the jungle
I had my revenge for killing my friends