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Far Cry: Primal Reviews (Windows)

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85 (Mar 09, 2016)
Far Cry Primal may not be the most needed game in the franchise but it is a game that holds up the legacy fairly well. It doesn’t change the formula of Far Cry much, but Primal does have some good humor in it, and some of the side characters are interesting. If you want a big open world to explore in a not-so-typical setting then Primal is up your alley. If you want something a bit more modern then Far Cry 3 or 4 are still good, but Primal is a unique game at the very least.
PC Games (Germany) (Feb 22, 2016)
„Far Cry? In der Steinzeit? Super! Was da gestalterisch und spielerisch alles an neuen Möglichkeiten vorhanden ist!“ So ähnlich fiel meine Reaktion aus, als der erste Trailer zu Far Cry Primal an die Öffentlichkeit gelangte. Am fertigen Spiel zeigt sich: Es ist ebenfalls möglich, das bekannte Far Cry-Gameplay praktisch unverändert in die Urzeit zu verlegen, abseits des Settings bar jedes kreativen Ansatzes. Das ist nicht schlimm, denn die Serie macht ja jede Menge Spaß, der Schritt ist aber eben auch nicht sonderlich mutig oder innovativ. Klar, ohne „echte“ Schusswaffen kämpft es sich etwas anders, das Crafting-System ist im Gegensatz zu den Vorgängern echt gut gelungen und auch sonst gibt es positive Neuerungen. Trotzdem bin ich angesichts meiner Erwartungshaltung zwar keineswegs enttäuscht, aber ein wenig ernüchtert.
GameStar (Germany) (Feb 29, 2016)
Ja, der Hobby-Historiker in mir kann sich an der Steinzeitwelt von Far Cry Primal gar nicht sattsehen - bereits nach ein paar Spielstunden habe ich so viele Erinnerungen gesammelt, dass ich ein Fotoalbum damit füllen könnte. Und der Teil in mir, der Assassin's Creed Unity und Syndicate zu 100 Prozent gemeistert hat, schreckt auch vor Sammelaufgaben nicht zurück. Das Problem von Primal ist, dass der Weg dahin an vielen Stellen zu wenig Spaß macht. Ich habe beim Spielen immer den Eindruck, dass ich mich gerade nur unterhalten fühle, weil ich persönlich völlig gefesselt bin von dem tollen Szenario und der bombastisch gestalteten Open World bin. Famose Kulissen sind nunmal Ubisofts Stärke. Aber ohne sie bleibt eine ziemlich repetitive Spielmechanik. Finde ich persönlich schade, denn Far Cry Primal hätte so herausragend sein können, wenn man die Kernmechaniken der Serie knackiger ans neue Setting angepasst hätte. Stattdessen ist es nur was für Steinzeit-Fans wie mich.
Games Finder (Feb 27, 2018)
Taking the Far Cry formula which has proved very popular in the gaming community and shifting it back in time has created a fantastic game cycle that makes Far Cry Primal an enjoyable journey.
GameSpot (Mar 01, 2016)
Far Cry Primal is now available on PC, and after taming numerous wild animals, liberating defended enemy outposts, and recruiting several members of the Wenja tribe, it's clear that Primal's PC version not only matches the quality of its console cousins, but slightly outpaces them in several ways, too. 60fps makes the brutal combat smoother. Detailed textures lend a more natural look to the Stone Age environment. Far Cry Primal's setting is its greatest strength, and in its newest form on PC, it's still worth the many hours it takes to explore.
PC Gamer (Feb 28, 2016)
Otherwise, it's business as usual. You brutally kill thousands of animals to craft gear and weapon upgrades; you light bonfires to reveal more of the map; you attack enemy outposts; you have trippy dream sequences; you complete story missions that steadily unlock more stuff. It’s Far Cry, basically, but in the Stone Age. But as much as I love Oros as a setting and all the animal-based tomfoolery, I can’t shake the feeling of déjà vu. If you’ve invested significant time in Far Cry 3 or 4, you’ll find your enjoyment of Primal dampened by its deep-rooted similarity to those games.
Game Watcher (Feb 29, 2016)
Far Cry Primal has far more in common with previous Far Cry games than it seems on the surface, to both its gain and detriment. The caveman setting is novel and the total absence of guns, vehicles and people shouting in your ear every ten minutes is refreshing. Combat is simple but fun, and once the game brings a tameable animal companion in then Primal becomes entertaining enough to last you many hours. Unfortunately stealth gameplay is more problematic as enemies blend into the environment and Hunter Vision is useless, but worse is that the constant need to hunt and gather resources takes up the majority of Primal’s play-time and isn’t fun at all. Primal isn’t a runaway success and the Far Cry formula needs to evolve (preferably involving Trigens or Blood Dragons), but it’s not quite extinct yet.
Hooked Gamers (Mar 07, 2016)
I had fun with Far Cry Primal, as there aren't many modern games out there currently with this idea of a prehistoric adventure. The story sucked me in, the landscape was both beautiful and treacherous, and sneaking around with a bow in hand doesn't get old for me quickly. That being said, Far Cry Primal had the potential to be the next big thing in the FPS genre, and it was ultimately squandered by decisions to take the easy route to release. If they had put another year of development toward it, maybe then we would've seen what we were hoping it would be.
A decent game, but nothing more. Far Cry Primal tries to differentiate itself from past Far Cry games with mixed success, managing some clever new tricks, but losing a lot of what made Far Cry feel special in the process.