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Far Cry Credits

429 people (349 developers, 80 thanks)


Developed byCrytek GmbH
CEO and PresidentCevat Yerli
COO/CFO & Executive Vice President Avni Yerli
CMO & Executive Vice PresidentFaruk Yerli
Creative & Technical Director Cevat Yerli
Executive ProducersAvni Yerli, Cevat Yerli, Faruk Yerli
ProducersChristopher Natsuume, Jack Mamais, Richard Tsao
Assistant ProducersAnthony Davis, Chris Auty
Lead ProgrammerMarco Corbetta
AI LeadPetar Kotevski
Multiplayer Lead ProgrammerMartin Mittring
AI & Game ProgrammingKirill Bulatsev
3D Engine LeadVladimir Kajalin
Physics LeadAnton Knyazyev
Sandbox LeadTimur Davidenko
Renderer LeadAndrey Honich
Animation & 64bit ProgrammingSergiy Migdalskiy
CryEngine OptimisationsIvo-Jürgen Müller-Herzeg
Optimisations & Dot-3 LightmapsMichael Glück
Multiplayer ProgrammingMarco Koegler
Optimisations & ProgrammingCarsten Wenzel
CryENGINE DebuggingSergei Shaykin
Audio ProgrammingLennert Schneider
HUD / Renderer Special EffectsTiago Sousa
Multiplayer Programming / UIMárcio Pereira Martins
General ProgrammingFilippo De Luca, Alberto Demichelis, Wouter van Oortmessen
Main Programmers - Far CryMarco Corbetta, Petar Kotevski, Martin Mittring, Kirill Bulatsev
Main Programmers - CryENGINEVladimir Kajalin, Anton Knyazev, Timur Davidenko, Andrey Khonich
Art LeadsMichael Khaimzon, Raymond Leung
Senior 3D ArtistsMax Aristov, Michael Endres
Concept ArtRaymond Leung, Magnus Larbrant, Maximillian Frömter, Roman Hunyavyy
3D ArtTimo Kujansuu, Andrew Dorr, Roman Hunyavyy, Maximillian Frömter, Sten Hübler, Ben Bauer
Texture ArtistPino Gengo
AnimatorsAndrew Dorr, David March
Singleplayer Level DesignersAnthony Davis, Vladislav Vlasiuk, Sten Hübler, Petar Kotevski, Harald Spatsig, Alexander Werner, Ben Bauer, Russ Flaherty
Lead Multiplayer Level DesignerChris Auty
Multiplayer Level DesignersBen Bauer, Michael Kolkau
Lead Audio DesignerSteve Blezy
Audio DesignersThomas Bärtschi, Harald Spatzig
Music ComposerThomas Bärtschi
Realtime In-Game Cinematics Andrew Dorr, Max Aristov, Michael Khaimzon, Michael Endres
Motion Capture ActingClaudia Czyz, Michael Khaimzon, David March, Antonia Oehm
Crytek Quality Assurance LeadsSebastian Spatzek, James Grant, Thorsten Heinze
Crytek Quality Assurance TestersDenis Barth, Hussein Dari, Senol Sahin, Alexander Marschal, Roman Beitnitz, Fatih Özbayram, Turgut Özbayram, Engin Bicer, Mehmet Yerli, Robert Alphonse Peterson, Paul Christopher Bonner
Performance Consulting & SupportAMD – Developer Relations Group, Microsoft DirectX 9 Group, NVIDIA – Developer Relations Group, ATI – Developer Relations Group, Kenneth L. Hurley (Signature Devices Inc.), D. Patrick Ghiocel (Signature Devices Inc.), Marvin Gouw (Signature Devices Inc.), Andrew Karn (Signature Devices Inc.), INTEL Performance Group
Office-AdministrationKatrin Winkler, Sandra Pahlke
IT-Administration Mehmet Yerli, Engin Bicer, Andre Lorenz (Netsolution Security GmbH)
Technical WritersMathieu Pinard, Owen Flateau
Additional Assistant ProducersJeffrey Yu, Amy March
Additional ProgrammingTim Schröder, Amanda Crichton, Kevin Jenkins, Sean Butterworth, Pierre Renaux
Additional ArtistsGarth Midgley, Gregor Koch
Additional DesignersRaymond Dow, Nathan Sumsion, Adam Mayes, Ivan Beram
Additional Music ComposerSebastian Perez-Cornejo
Additional Thanks toKarakilic Cemalettin, Boris Brönner, Kevin Saunders, Stefan Bauer, Marc Bosch, Edward Duke-Cox, Sophie Kallianiotis, Yves Allaire
Cevat Yerli would like to personally thankSilke Eichhorn (Thank you for always supporting me during the toughest times being patient and being my girlfriend!), Ahmet Sahin (Thank you for believing in what we do an being best friends), Hüdaverdi Cakir (Thank you for believing in what we do an being best friends), Ogün Celik (Thank you for believing in what we do an being best friends), Cem Azakliogullari (Thank you for believing in what we do an being best friends)
Avni Yerli would like to personally thankSevinc Yerli, Melissa Yerli, and all of my beloved friends who have been in patience with me because of my passion to the job especially during the end of the project
Faruk Yerli would like to personally thankNevin Yerli, Aylis Yerli, and all my friends who supported me throughout the hard times
The Yerli Brothers would like to personally thankOur parents, sisters, brothers in law, nephews, and all unnamed relatives for being patient and supportive in all good and bad times, Yves Guillemot (for signing up our first game project and trusting us to deliver a Blockbuster First Person Shooter!), Ralf Wirsing (for establishing key-contracts within Ubi Soft), Fabrice Pierre-Élien (for believing in our abilities to develop an AAA Game!), Alexis Godard (for believing in our abilities to develop an AAA Game!), Kevin Strange (for initiating our first commercial deal and supporting us always no matter where you are!), David Kaplowitz (for establishing a great relationship between AMD and Crytek), Vereinigte Coburger Sparkasse, Hartmut Büchner (for providing Crytek with outstanding service and support), 2K Patent Attorney, especially Dr. Blasberg for providing Crytek with great consulting service
Tools UsedBink Video. Copyright 1997-2003 by RAD Game Tools Inc., HSSL Compiler. Copyright © Microsoft Corporation, Xtreme Toolkit. Copyright © 1997-2003 Codejack Software, FMOD sound system. Copyright © 2001-2003 Firelight Technologies Pty Ltd., Lua 4.0 License. Copyright © 2003 tecgraf PUC-Rio, FreeType 2 Library. Copyright 1996-2001 & 2002 & 2003 by Turner & Robert Wilheim & Werner Lemberg
Created with Software fromDiscreet, Adobe, Microsoft, Xoreax, Intel, Compuware, Whole Tomatoe Software, IDM Computer Solutions, ACD Systems, Christian Ghisler Software, SUSE Linux
From the Crytek Development TeamWe would like to give our deepest thanks to our families and friends who have given us great encouragement., We would also like to thank all our fans who have supported our long hard work., We could not have done it without you!
Uses Bink Video. Copyright (C) 1997-2003 byRAD Game Tools Inc.
Uses HLSL Compiler. Copyright (C) byMicrosoft Corporation
Uses Xtreme toolkit. Copyright (C) 1997-2003 byCodejock Software
Uses FMOD sound system. Copyright (C) 2001-2003 byFirelight Technologies Pty Ltd.
Uses Lua 4.0 license. Copyright (C) 2003 byTecgraf PUC-Rio
Uses FreeType 2 Library. Copyright 1996-2001, 2002, 2003 byTurner, Robert Wilhelm, Werner Lemberg


PublisherUbi Soft Entertainment
CEOYves Guillemot
International Production DirectorChristine Burgess-Quémard
International Content DirectorSerge Hascoët
Third Party Director of DevelopmentAnne Blondel-Jouin
ProducerMatthieu Boulard
Game Content ManagerMarc Blondeau
Preproduction ProducersJean-Bernard Jacon, Raphaël Levi
Additional Onsite Production SupportMichel Pierfitte, Alexis Godart, Cyril Derouineau, Julien Merceron, Frank Sauer, Thomas Mainnemare, Yann Leclerc, Arnaud de Pischoff, Mathieu Buxtorf, Jason Alleyne, Sébastien Couture, Emmanuel-Yvan Ofoé, Roger Champagne, Mathieu Lachance
Cutscene Creation: IntroCinematics Lab - Far Cry PC Team
Cutscene Creation: ProducerGaétan Richard
Cutscene Creation: Associate ProducerJean-Pierre Flayeux, Jean-Jacques Tremblay
Cutscene Creation: DirectorMarco Brambilla
Cutscene Creation: EditorRob Auten
Cutscene Creation: Artistic DirectorMario Galardo
Cutscene Creation: Technical DirectorRenaud Bergeron
Cutscene Creation: Special FXRaonull Conover, André De Angelis
Cutscene Creation: ModelersFrédéric Madore, Laurent Fortin, Robert Delacruz
Cutscene Creation: AnimatorsOmar Morsy, Patrick Tassé, Richard Arroyo, Benoît Gagné, Andrew Ogawa, Patrick Pelletier, Bruno Rochefort, Allan Treitz, Dominic Vincent
Cutscene Creation: Light & Set ArtistsPatrick Cabana, Patrick Bérard, Alexandre Gagné, Ghislain Ouellet, François Pelletier
Cutscene Creation: Texture ArtistsPascal Savignac, Jessica Larivé, Tram Luong
Cutscene Creation: Rigging & DebugZacharie Dufault, Dany Asselin, Pierre-Luc Boily
Cutscene Creation: CompositorsSimon Marinof, Louise McDonald, Martin Larrivée, Felix-Étienne Rocque
Ingame Prerendered Cutscenes: Cinematic Studio Manager Sophie Penziki
Ingame Prerendered Cutscenes: Assistant Director Mathieu Breda
Ingame Prerendered Cutscenes: Lead SFX Charles Beirnaert
Ingame Prerendered Cutscenes: Special Thanks for Engine Capacities Guillaume Marcel
Ingame Prerendered Cutscenes: 3D integration and rendering Charles Beirnaert, Xavier Le Dantec, Jérome Lionard, Guillaume Marcel, Corinne Bouvier, Jannick Chiraux, Olivier Bonenfant
Ingame Prerendered Cutscenes: Lead Animator Philippe Penaud
Ingame Prerendered Cutscenes: Animator Faouzi Zidane, Emmanuel Vergne, Marco Pacifici, François Cao, Olivier De Testa
Worldwide Test ManagerÉric Tremblay
Lead Tester, Single PlayerJonathan Moreau
Testers, Single PlayerJason Alleyne, Stéphane Arbour, Mathieu Laurin, Philippe Dion, Louis-Bernard Vaillant-Ledoux, Sébastien Couture, Roger Champagne, Annie Dolbec, Gabriel Sanvido, Mark Linington, Mathieu Lachance, Karim Khatchoyan, Jo-Ashley Robert, Michel Leduc St-Arnaud, Guillaume Ouellet, Nicolas Gagnier, Jayson Hould, Michael Pasquale, Vincent Nadeau, Yannick Francoeur, Alain Chénier, Véronique Fortin, Martin Amos, Frédéric Mercille, Martin Michaud, Mathieu Fortin, Emmanuel-Yvan Ofoé, Sylvie Tremblay, Jonathan Gagnon
Lead Tester CompatibilityDavid Lévesque
QA Manager, MultiplayerRoxana Florentina Magdo (Botez)
Lead Tester, MultiplayerMircea Nuţu
Assistant Lead Testers, MultiplayerAdrian Neacsu, Marcel Samoschi
Testers, MultiplayerDaniel Mardale, Viorel Vilcu, Alexandru Sapatoru, Marilena Costache, Adrian Constantin Solca, Mihai Leonov, Liviu Galateanu, Lucian Catalin Bucur, Adrian Iancu, Laurentiu Grigorescu, Adrian Sîmpetru, Iulian Baraghin, Valentin Carstoiu, Mihai Sacală, Cristian Pana, Sebastian Toma, Catalin Pintican, Alexandru Lovin
Data ManagerCiprian Calin Chete
Network SupportMihai Mreană, Bogdan Alexandru Mâniosu
Localization Studio ManagerCoralie Martin
Localization Project ManagerLoïc Jacolin, Laurent Rigal, Claudine Cézac
French TranslationsFrancis Grimbert
French Proofreading and editingXavier Vibert, Olivier Henriot
French Recordings & Post-ProductionHifi-Génie Productions
French Artistic DirectorEric Guimbault
French CastXavier Fagnon (as Jack), Véronique Picciotto (as Valerie), Marc Alfos (as Doyle), Daniel Gall (as Krieger), Gérard Dessalles (as Misc), Thierry Kazazian (as Misc), Patrice Baudrier (as Misc), Patrick Borg (as Misc), Marc Saez (as Misc)
German Translation StudioPartnertrans
German TranslationsChristian Schneider, Iris Ludolf
German Recordings & Post-ProductionsG+G Tonstudios
German Artistic DirectorChristian Schneider
German CastStefan Schleberger, Volker Wolf, Ilja Welter, Hans Gerd Kilbinger, Rolf Berg
Italian Translation StudioOrange Studio - Bologna
Italian Project ManagementGabriele Vegetti
Italian TranslationsPaola Manca, Antonio Vaccarino
Italian Recordings & Post-ProductionStudio Florian Cinetivù - Bologna
Italian CastDario Oppido, Massimo Rossi, Mara Vapori, Gabriele Duma
Spanish Translation StudioBetafix Services S.L.
Spanish TranslationsConchita Verdasco
Spanish Recordings & Post-ProductionsAbaira Publicidad S.L.
Spanish Artistic DirectorRafael Gómez
Spanish EditionÁlvaro Gómez
Spanish CastRoberto Encinas Duval (as Jack), Antonio Villar (as Doyle), Laura Palacios (as Valerie), Javier Franquello (as Krieger), Héctor Cantolla (as Crowe)
Sound & Video ProducerKaren Vernimmen
Production AssistantAnne Langourieux
Cutscenes Sound ProducerSylvain-Luc Brunet
Cutscenes Music composed, arranged and performed byVirtual Mix
Cutscenes Sound Effects byL2P
MasteringMartin Dutasta
Assistant Editor Julien Milaire
Post Production voices Martin Dutasta, Manuel Bachet, Blandine Roussel
Post Production AssistantMorgan Dumont
Sound EngineersBig Wheels Studio, Martin Dutasta, Blandine Roussel
Actors DirectorsEddie Crew, Marco Brambilla
English CastPeter Thias (as Jack), Cornell Womack (as Doyle), Adriana Anderson (as Valerie), Robert Burns (as Krieger), Ken Samuels (as Various), Andy Chase (as Various), Dominic Gould (as Various), Mike Morris (as Various), Eddie Crew (as Various) General Manager Gilles Langourieux Online Gaming Associate Producer Eric Lagel Producer Game Service TeamDomininc Laroche Programmer Guillaume Plante, José Covatta, Philippe Lalande, Scott Schmeisser
Europe 1st Party approval ManagerRomain Vazeille
US 1st Party approval ManagerDavid Costello
Data ManagementGuénaëlle Mendroux, Benoît Maury-Bouët, David Picco
Ludi factory managementEmmanuelle Horn
Dialog Supervision Richard E. Dansky
Story EditorAlexis Nolent
Assistant Story Editor Olivier Henriot
Game Analysts Frédéric Duroc, Alexandre Debrousse
Editorial Game Design Director Lionel Raynaud
Ambiance ConsultingLudimedia
Editorial MarketingJulian Gerighty
Ingame Animation SupportIsabelle Leduc, Hélène Pierre, Karine Karabétian, Gilles Aveneau, Alexandre Baduel
European Marketing DirectorFlorence Alibert
Brand Group ManagerCaroline Stevens, Gary Keith
Brand Manager EMEAMarine Menut
American Marketing ManagerTony Key
Brand Manager AmericaCord Smith
US marketing would like to thankBrigham Stitt, Chris Mah, Tim Ernst, Clint Hayashi, Jocelyn Portacio, Danielle Unis, Marc Fortier, Li Shen, Andrea Nelson, Eileen Cislak, David Macachor, Joshua Milligan, Pete Jacobs, Jag Wood, Maly Ly, Laurent Detoc, Elizabeth George, Anna Nguyen, Tina Carter, Jenna Dawson, Hamagami Carroll, Hammer Filmworks, Lifelike Studios, Anton Kimball, Robin Carr, John Coghlan
Marketing TeamAlberto Mesas (Spain), Cédric Crausaz (Switzerland), Christian Born (Italy), Doug McConkey (United Kingdom), Michael Thielmann (Germany), Michiel Verheijdt (Netherlands), Kristina Mortensen (Scandanavia), Vanessa Leclerc (Spain), Nick Wong (Australia)
Worldwide Director of Marketing StrategyCyril Vermeil
Consumer Knowledge Manager Sandra Bystrom
Category ManagerSébastien Doré
Marketing Would Like to ThankAlexis Godart, Fabrice Pierre-Élien, Stéphanie Maillot, Tim Christian, Caroline Rasamoely, Diane Bernard, Anne Villeneuve, Yves Grolet, Tim Partlett

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Credits for this game were contributed by Corn Popper (69058), Christopher Natsuume (126) and Xoleras (66511)