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Far Cry Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Loading screen
Main menu
Selecting a checkpoint.
Standing up to my knees in murky water, watching the sun shine through the roof.
Somehow this old bunker reminds me of a prison cell.
This is a bad sign when you're desperately trying to get out of a dungeon.
Nice weather, crystal clear water and a fully loaded assault rifle in my hand. What more could I ask for?
Early morning fog still lingering in the valley below.
I had time to stop and admire the view in between all the shooting.
Bad monkey.. thingie, stop slobbering on my weapon!
Two seconds later my jeep disappeared into the depths.
And all he wanted was a nose job...
Notice the world's biggest coffee spot on the floor.
A little car accident ;)
Rigor Mortis 1: Looks like there's something missing in this guy... Perhaps that puddle of blood?
Rigor Mortis 2: Caught in crossfire, this fellow decided to die standing upright.
Rigor Mortis 3: Don't think I want to know what he was doing when I killed him...
Rigor Mortis 4: Knee pads are good, notice how this guy didn't hurt his knees while dying.
In-game cinematics
Jack Carver - main character of the game.
Jack talking to Doyle.
Lots of ammo for your use.
One of the hardest parts of the game
"Training " chapter (First chapter).
Using the "CryVision" can help alot in some parts of the game.
Final chapter
More scenery
More amazing water effects
I think this was a steam generator or something.
This reminds me of Myst, except a little more dangerous.
Watching a battle from a distance.
Using a combination of the binocs and CryVision from far away.
Cloudy night
Mutant in grass
Smell headshot
Rock cover - but easy target
Stinks there!
Machete vs gun. Obvious results