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Farm Frenzy 3 Credits

17 people

Alawar Games

Producer (Produzent)Kirill Plotnikov
Lead Artist (Künstlerische Leitung)Maxim Mihaelis
Script (Skript)Eugene Sister


Director (Direktor)Alexey Meleshkevich
Lead Developer (Entwicklungsleitung)Roman Mikhayloff
Lead Artist (Grafischer Leiter)Denis Baranovsky
Artists (Grafiker)Alexander Pribylov, Andrew Seleznev, Gilda Della-Rossa, Nicolay Sviridovich (Amp), Alexander Alexandrov, Alexander Luhanin (Sansa), Stanislav Dovlyashevich (Stason), Oleg Pavlov (Ramittep)
Game Design (Spieldesihn)Oleg Shalnev
Composer (Komponist)Sergey Khmelevsky

GMS Sound

Music (Musik)Artem Galytzyn

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Credits for this game were contributed by Rainer S (141033)