Fast Lanes Bowling Credits (Windows)

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Fast Lanes Bowling Credits

Developer Credits

Programming / Game DesignLasse Faabeng, Alex Shatsky
Art / Game DesignBill Longworth
AudioPeter Kerekes
Additional ArtEric Mattson
Special ThanksApril Longworth, Olivia Longworth, Judi Faabeng, Jennifer Lee

Publisher Credits

Publishing DirectorTrevor Chan, Paul G. Lombardi
Executive ProducerParrish Rodgers
Publishing StaffKenneth Mo, Martin Leung, Francis Ng, Hillwins Lee, Bernard Yau, Walker Chan, Kwan Wai Yuen, Adam Philbin, Leo Chow, Marco Yuen
Public RelationsDavid Murray, Jessica Tew

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (209748)