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Fate by Numbers Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Intro - Alice's new client (video)
Staying in the office
Leaving the office (video)
Interacting with the scanner
Leaving the building by car (video)
City map
Arriving at Sainsbury Station were Alice was shot (video)
Looking at the cameras inside the station
Camera detail view (video)
Hacking the server of the surveillance cameras (video)
The guard heard Alice (video)
Back in the office, using the computer
Analysing the photos from the server, zooming in on the sniper
The Parrot
Talking with the barkeeper (any choice leads to a new video)
Showing him the photo of the sniper (video)
With the "Hint"-button, you can see which parts of the screen you can interact with
Main title.
Waiting at the station.
Stand off.
One for the road.
Time is of the essence.
Arriving at the suspect's apartment.
About to question the suspect.
Rough weather we're having.
Exploring the train wagon.
Close up of the female detective protagonist.