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Gamer Limit (Nov 01, 2011)
Ultimately, FotW:TP offers a beautifully designed card game to which I don’t mind giving an hour or two of my time per sitting. It dives headfirst into real world issues without climbing atop a soapbox or feeling too preachy. It just makes the player think, while at the same time hypnotizing with a very real experience of power and consequence. It’s a must have for card game vets and it’s worth a shot for those who have never touched a card game in their life. Bravo, Red Redemption.
GamingLives (Jan 27, 2012)
The idea of an educational strategy game based on global warming isn't something that will immediately prick the ears of those who hear it, but if you put your reservations to the side you'll find something more unique than you'd think. Granted, you will fail a lot, but you'll find yourself coming back for more, determined to show the game what for and improve the world, one step at a time. Much like the threat of climate change, not everyone will be taken in by Fate of the World, but those who invest the time will find themselves with an experience unlike many others in gaming, for better and for worse.
70 (Nov 13, 2011)
It's certainly not a game that the average gamer is looking out for, but Fate of the World: Tipping Point remains an intriguing and fascinating experience. While there are aspects of the game that feel incredibly dense and difficult to understand thanks to industry-related terminology and statistics, there is still fun to be had in managing a global environmental organization. It's all the more amusing when players can attempt to rule the world with an iron fist.
PC Gamer (Mar 20, 2012)
At its core is a comprehensive and convincingly bleak simulation of climate change. Dig in, and you’ll be rewarded with an understanding of the threat and the few small things we can do to mitigate it. Yet the desire to be a game often gets in the way of the raw data, and vice versa. In the end Fate is something of an ugly compromise – but given the choices we have to make as a species, maybe that’s only appropriate.
68 (Jun 01, 2012)
Mir gefällt der Ansatz von Projekt Erde: Wendepunkt. Es beschäftigt sich mal nicht mit der Welteroberung, sondern mit der Lösung von aktuellen Problemen wie Überbevölkerung, Rohstoffknappheit oder Klimawandel. Zwar könnte das britische Runden-Strategiespiel zugänglicher sein, aber die Suche nach genau der richtigen Karte ist zunächst angenehm fordernd. Allerdings bietet es dann zu wenig, wenn man sich mühsam eingearbeitet, alle Situationen erlebt und endlich das Spielprinzip verinnerlicht hat. Dann merkt man leider, dass jede Partie im Grunde gleich läuft, auch wenn man mal eine andere Region managt. Die Routine ist fürs ungewöhnliche Kartenspiel auch deshalb lähmend, weil die Forschung das nicht ausgleichen kann, obschon sie derzeitige Technik bietet. Es steht schon vorher fest, wann welche Technologie kommt und man muss nur noch die Karte spielen. (...)
ZTGameDomain (Nov 07, 2011)
Perhaps the most important educational achievement of Fate of the World: Tipping Point is to make players actively consider the next 200 years, rather than just the next election cycle, and show that we’re already setting down paths which will channel our options for as long as we can foresee. It requires an unusual drive to succeed and attention to detail to get a good grip on the game, and the political model is so coarse-grained that it’s hard to expect it to be genuinely informative, but the interrelationship among the features it models is clearly important. Most players will find strategy options that will serve their needs with more verve and less frustration, but those looking to learn something from their time spent gaming have few better options.
XGN (Feb 10, 2012)
Fate of the World: Tipping Point is een goede game om te gebruiken in klaslokalen. Zolang een leerkracht maar voor genoeg motivatie zorgt, zul je alles perfect begrijpen. Het spel kent echter te weinig leuke momenten om de gemiddelde gamer aan te spreken. De doelgroep is erg beperkt en wie houdt van leerrijke games, zal zich zeker thuis voelen met Tipping Point. Maar die doelgroep is echter zo klein dat dit spel nooit grote verkoopcijfers zal halen. Toch kun je het spel al in huis halen voor 15,99 euro. Een echt koopje dus voor iedereen die op een interactieve manier toch iets wil bijleren.
Unfortunately, the way they put this title together just missed the mark just a bit, especially in terms of the casual game market which I think would be the most likely to play, and probably the group which the game's message could do the most good. If you're a die hard strategy fan or you want to try your hand at saving the environment and the world, then you probably love Fate of the World. This game is fated to earn 3 GiN Gems, for being a fun way to realize just how difficult it is to turn things around from the bad path we seem to be headed towards.
Gaming Nexus (Nov 15, 2011)
Simple mechanics, tough difficulty curve, lack of feedback and a sophisticated simulation make for a mixed bag. Recommended for those with an interest in global politics, strictly optional otherwise. A better game than the original, but also more expensive, so it comes out in the wash.
Gamernode (Nov 15, 2011)
Fate of the World: Tipping Point urges players to think politically, economically, globally. Its underlying theme of green awareness doesn’t blare loudly into the megaphone, thankfully. Taking the helm as world leader can only be so interesting when your overlordiness is spent from the heavens. As I said before, these types of games are often focused on a lonely construct. Fate of the World‘s zoomed out view only amplifies it. There are no cities to build and govern the way you’d like. No households to furnish or families to uniquely mold. No amusement parks to imagine and take for a ride. There’s just the Earth and your deck of cards.