Fate Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Character creation
Intro - the story begins.
Game start - right in the middle of town
Receive sub-quests for fame and fortune.
Character stats and inventory
Magic and skills information
At the shop - buy weapons and other items.
A mighty double-bladed warrior with his pet transformed into a basilisk.
Possibilities are endless: our hero posing with cheese helmet, mage robe, big hammer and shield, and spider pet.
At the gambler's. You don't know exactly what you'll get, but gambling will be cheaper than regular buying.
Your pet's inventory and statistics
Your private trunk: look at that massive collection of unique items.
Fishing. This way you can get not only fish for feeding to your pet and having it transform, but also other items.
Our hero preparing for battle: summon six spiders, cast a haste spell, and then off through the blue portal.
The loading screen always gives a useful hint.
Battle! Two wolves, a bugbear and a reptile warrior want their kill. The spiders are mine.
Ogre battle!
This goblin shaman has just poisoned me with this green stink.
The battle is won - for now.
The spoils of war
Death always leaves you with these three options.